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Please introduce me to some of these Conservatives with minds. I have yet to meet one.
Huh? You are of course aware that "Republicans" during the Civil War are now called "Democrats". Guess Mrs. Jenkins wasn't so hot after all.
Well played sir, well played. I notice no comments on your posts! Hmm. Must have hit home?
We arent' talking about that. We are talking about jobs saved by Obama's actions with GM. Stick to the topic please.
Sorry about your Uncle. Truly. But to say a "handful of Union jobs" is a bit misleading. None other than the WRJ reports that the jobs saved was in the millions. http://blogs.wsj.com/deals/2010/11/17/gm-ipo-auto-bailout-saved-more-than-1-million-jobs-study-says/
When I said "article" I meant to say "post" authored by Nyettotheleft above
Actually, I am responding to the point raised in the article, which is what I assume most people are doing around here. You seem to want to raise a totally separate, vast series of questions, which is the argumentative equivalent of saying "hey, look over there!". I prefer to talk about the points raised by this author, which find misleading.
Wow, you really got me there with the stupidity thing. Ouch. Simply saying that "higher tax rates have a negative effect on the economy" is simply false. Higher than what? We have had plenty of periods of economic growth while taxes were higher than they are now. I will grant you that there is debate about how high or low taxes should be, and that there is a point where taxation can negatively effect an economy, but where that point is is the subject of vibrant debate among respected economists on both sides.
Do you deny that there are actual physical entities, people, who are running the machines at GM today? We call that having a job.
Except it did save jobs?
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