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Obama in Mexico Meeting With New President

B2slim Wrote: May 03, 2013 10:27 AM
this nation is way over it's quota for Legal immigrants from Mexico: OBAMA's solution, getting around our country's laws is to encourage them to invade our country and then grant them Amnesty and make them all legal USA citizens

As the debate over illegal immigration continues to rage on Capitol Hill, President Obama will be meeting with newly minted Mexican President Pena Nieto today. Apparently, things with Mexico could be changing on a number of levels, but the most alarming surrounds how the two countries combat Mexican drug cartels. 

"I think that in my first conversation with [Peña Nieto], he indicated to me that he very much continues to be concerned about how we can work together to deal with transnational drug cartels," Obama said at a press conference Tuesday at the White House. "We’ve made...