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CNN Anchor Supports O'Reilly's Race Comments, Assailed as "Turn Coat Mofo"

B2slim Wrote: Jul 30, 2013 1:55 PM
When OBAMA Fans the flames of the racial division firestorm he created : sinister is the only definition that fits . Blacks have been given the most powerful Black representation ever in USA history. OBAMA NATION has the most powerful empire in USA history and in the world . All power and control. Obama Nation is the blame plague and blacks are being indoctrinated by OBAMA every single day. Their misery index has doubled under OBAMA, all complicit are scrambling to cover up and blame Whites, White Hispanics, GOP , T. Party . The liberals never had more “free” everything. They need to ask OBAMA why he failed to deliver economic growth and stability in 4 ½ years and running ? STOP blaming the Hispanics, the Whites, the Asians, the GOP, the T. Party , the congress, Bush, the productive citizens, the responsible citizens and anyone else he tags for OBAMA's miserable failure.

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly touched off a heated debate last week by offering an impassioned monologue that was sharply critical of black culture.  He was predictably denounced as "super racist" by the MSNBC set, who apparently believe that conversations on race must begin and end with the sins of white America.  Though it's fair to ask whether O'Reilly is an effective or appropriate vessel for this sort of tough message to the black community, suggesting that his remarks were motivated by racial animus is an odious smear.  The Left's knee-jerk "racism!" template suffered a complicating setback over...