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Questions the GOP Must Explain

B1RD Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 9:11 AM
If anyone has to explain why spending more than you have is not good then we have more than a problem at hand! We have a revolution taking place! There is no way this will end without destruction! If Liberals win this war then we will no be American's and many, many Patriots will be killed by our Drone wielding government! If Conservatives win this war we will have to fight long and hard in dirty battles and then have generations of people that we will have to care for all their lives because they just cannot work with all the stress of life without a credit card, free phones and no taxes! Either way America is not going to be the home of the free and land of the brave!

Paul Ryan is, of course, right -- spending is unsustainable and the USA is on an economic collision course unless some serious changes are made.  But if the GOP wants the public to understand what's at stake, they need to do better at explaining the problem than press releases like this

WASHINGTON—Today, the Congressional Budget Office released its Budget and Economic Outlook, which projected an $845 billion deficit for fiscal year 2013. In response, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement:

“The CBO’s report is yet another warning that we need to get spending...