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Obama: No Doubt We Need More Taxes

B1RD Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 1:17 PM
No doubt! We need regime change in Washington DC! More taxes will not fix this problem! Good management will! Time to tighten the belt! Get a little hungry! Work our arsses off and we will be better for it! If you take a look at everything in which Obama has had his hand it has gone bankrupt! Everything...even the community projects he has worked! Even further, many have gone to jail that have been working along side this man! I see Obama as SCAM artist! And, he is scamming us!
InAmericaSince1627 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 1:27 PM
As Klien says, "he has taken this country for a joy ride", like a teen with his first car.

If you thought the fiscal cliff deal, ObamaCare and the Obama payroll tax hike would be the only increase we'd see heading into President Obama's second term, think again. Even after the rich got soaked on January 1, 2013, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was "absolutely not" the last tax increase we'd see. President Obama hinted at the same thing and yesterday during an interview with CBS News, he said, "There is no doubt we need additional revenue."

'I don't think the issue right now is raising rates," Obama said. The goal now is to...