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Liberal Radio Host: It Would Be Funny If Grover Drowned in a Bathtub

B1RD Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 2:11 PM
The tolerant, peace loving left is getting vicious. I guess it is true that the truth is always revealed! The left and left leaning people are NEVER tolerant and have always been vicious when they don't get what they want! If they are not careful they will unleash things the normal liberal progressive minded citizen don't want. But, Obama wants...he will institute Martial Law and then will have the executive authority to gut the constitution and being incarcerating his all us Patriots Veterans that are highly trained and have not disavowed our oath to protect and defend the Constitution for enemies both foreign and domestic. Just like Union thugs, you libturds pick a fight and then call foul when you gets popped!

Where are the civility police? Yesterday on the Stephanie Miller show, her co-host Jim Ward said it would be funny if Grover Norquist drowned in a bathtub after a liberal caller said she wanted to beat Norquist with a bat.

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