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THE BORDER IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT, SECURE! How can it be with children walking into my country! Children!
I sure a lot around here too! Which way did he go George, which way did he go?
Yes he does! Check it out or stay in the dark...your choice comrade!
Right on ATB! Right on! I watched a special on Hilter and how he took over Germany and my wife, the history nut in the family, was backing everything the documentary stated with facts, people and places. There is a direct comparison and correlation to our situation today. People do not know history so we see what is happening! A well feed populous will not revolt! 46 million on food stamps! Education systems that teach to test not to learn! Dumbing down the population! then infuse another society on top of the American society and cause chaos and overburden the systems...Cloward/Piven...Saul Alinsky strategies in our faces! Media is shaping the environment and spreading false truths! Boy oh Boy! We are in the shiitte!
AKA Susan Rice! Taking one for the Supreme Leader gets you a promotion! Bergdahl served with honor and distinction! Remember! Disserting America and comrades, fraternizing with the enemy is serving with honor and distinction to the traitors that live among us!
Lesbian or not is not the questions! Will she enforce the laws on the books as written and if they are bad use the system of government that is in place ot correct bad laws and make them good! If not she is unfit for office! BTW: I am a male lesbian! ;-)
Lynch like Obama will selectively enforce the laws that fit their idea of what this country should be not what this country is! Thus, we are moving toward lawlessness because our leaders are lawless! Leading by example is real and it works all the time regardless if good or bad!
Ms. Lynch is an Ideologue! Like Obama… Not good for our country! Not just Black's but all American citizens will suffer under leaders like Obama, Holder and Lynch. Their bias and protected status make the unfit for leadership! Illegals take resources that we have worked hard for and paid into a system that is designed to support us, the citizenry! This situation is like having a strong man move into your house. The illegals are not assimilating and they are not supporting the system as citizens are required. There are a vast majority that game the system and don’t show up when required which makes them law breakers, NOT law abiders! This leads to lawlessness and hurts our system of government, our culture and society! Protected citizens like Obama, Holder, and Ms. Lynch do not have a clue about reality and know nothing of what they speak. Except they are pushing the USA toward an ideal that she was never meant for…so using their offices to make the USA a lesser place, a more expensive place, a more coarse and dangerous place is what they are doing out of the goodness of their hearts!
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10 Things to Know for Wednesday

B1RD Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 12:37 AM
oh, stop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it!
Our Supreme Leader negotiated with terrorists and thinks that is honorable! Horse Hockey! Obama favors Muslims because he are one!
While I think Obama can legally pardon Bergdahl I don't know for sure. This is a military case subject to UCMJ and not civil/criminal law. If Obama was smart, which that is always in question, he would let Bergdahl be Court Martialed and that would be the end of it. If Obama steps in and pardons Bergdahl then we all know there was something more under the sheets! Obama won't mind pushing the boundaries or breaking the law if there is something to hid...congress will do nothing if this is the case!
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