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Obama and the Demoqueer are putting their cheap legacy in front of National Security! Are these people Americans or are the the domestic enemies of the People! Obama and the Demoqueer is childish and chicken!
The Demoqueer are lawless! Plain enough for you?
Correction! Obamaland!
Don't know Mr. Silver! Don't know! Just prepare for the worst and hope for the best!
They are a protected class of elite politician. What will impact them if there is no true revolution to force them out of office, to force change back to the Constitution. They are isolated and insulated from the real world and us! BTW: it is obvious we serve them!
I think the GOP should just relent and go home like us Christians! Give all governing power and authority to the Demoqueer and let the country go into the ditch! Done and done! no more debate or discussion. The liberal traitors win!
Olbremannnnnn needed to be gone al long time ago! He's a skud-bucket!
I believe that terrorism will be coming to a town near you soon! We cannot let this many people cross the border unchallenged and not be heading toward an attack! You can blame the Demoqueer for it when it happens! I for one am ready to protect myself and my family form such an event! I suggest you prepare as well! Guess that makes me an enemy of the State! Good! They are not my friends anyway and they, selfish progs in Washington DC, do not intend good for any of us!
Demoqueer funding sources, Steyer and Buffet are shipping oil on rail car which is the Demoqueer pipeline for now! Proves money talk and B-S walks! Even when it's politics over country!
Me too! You are next! Fool!
VETOED for interfering with or circumventing with Executive Branch powers! That’s a bunch of Horse-Hocky Obama! Again, a one way street. King Obama can interfere with and circumvent Congress but not the other way round. I don’t see how this interferes with or circumvents the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch has had more than 5-years of analysis and cleared all hurdles…even the Illegitimate EPA cleared the Keystone XL pipeline! Obama Veto's pipeline Congress should shut down DHS! A little t-i-t for tat!
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