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Yep! We are BORKE! (Broke!)
Putin knows we are borke and its getting owrse here. Putin has aligned with China, Iran and others that are against us and he needs not fear any sanctions. Obama is so concerned about controlling us that he has taken his eye off the real threat! Obama and the tree hungers are so arrogant they cannot take their eyes off of themselves in the mirror!
Obama has lost his mind! America needs ot walk softly and carry a big stick! Obama is boastful and loud and carries nothing but a golf club! What a waste of presidential space!
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Heartache: Wendy Davis Getting Crushed in Texas

B1RD Wrote: 18 hours ago (5:56 PM)
Texans ain't stupid like Demoqueers think!
It was just 2 years ago when AZ voters sent McCain back to Washington. I was blown away...the old man should retire. I comment McCain for his military service to this country but if it were not for his father McCain would have been drummed out of the Armed Forces years before he had a stay at the Hanoi Hilton! McCain was a terrible aviator and a worse officer! Didn't make a very good senator either! I am from OK and want Inholf to be replaced...Coburn is gone! I do nto agree with being a career poitician and have been working to install term limits but these self governed greed people we have in congress do not want anything that goes against what they have established! The limo's, free spa memberships, hair cuts and other perks is too much of a burden on working people! They should pay for the extras they want! Total compensation (Salaries, insurance/healthcare, plus benies) equals almost 400 K per year per stooge we have in Washington! Sad!
Is it not clear that Obama and his administration wish to take America down! In everything the Obama has his hand failure looms large! Look at his past! Everything he worked went bankrupt and people, not him, went to jail! Just take a look and the trends hit you like a nuclear blast!
I'm racist! I don't like Demoqueers! I am beginning to realize they are my enemy! End of the time for talking! The bully needs to be taken out with the trash!
Hey Where's Loiso?
Here's another way to look at this. If GOP be going extinct then GOP got to be on the INdangered Species list and given protected land to increase our numbers! That's the Demoqueer (AKA Den of Thieves) way right?
IRS FORM 1040AYM for All Yo Money!
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