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BTW: since I am an American male...she is real and wonderfully looking woman! (Hotter than hot!)
Andrea Tantaros is a quality human being! Smart, educated, opinionated from good stock! Obviously raised right by her family! I think her comments are dead on accurate! (pardon pun!)
Engaging in military operations on foreign soil after annexing part of the same foreign soil is not invasion? Haason (Ft. Hood Murderer) is not a terrorist either! This administration is a pack of liars!
Throw him into a wood chipper....eeeeehhhhhhaaaaawwww! Done and done!
This individual needs to be cut 1000 times and left to bleed out hanging upside down! He needs to be put in a vat of pig blood and left rot in his own feces! 11-years in solitary confinement is too good for this murderer! Join ISIS is heaven with the 72 virgins, M-F'er!
Not a government ban just a parent, range and adult enforced thing!
My heart goes out to the Rangemaster's family and that little girl! There is a correct way to train children to use a weapon and a wrong way. We see the wrong way here! Weapons are dangerous and should only be handled by those that understand the risk and have been trained. The Rangemaster had a moment where he lapsed and it cost him his life. I am so sorry for all involved in this situation. I suggest banning nine year old children from shooting anything more than a single shot 22 rifle.
I think I'll go get a Burger from the King today! and a Chic-Fil-A samich tonight! And by "King" I don't mean Obama!
Sherrod should be boycotted for being part of the Taxation Machine that is robbing the USA of it's legacy! Thieves in congress!
Can you say, "Hi, Puppett!" (she will be a Liberal regressive puppet of the administration if elected!
But the candidate has had 14-abortions and is a recovering heroin addict and has been convicted of felony assault on her husband...and, and! All great qualifications as a Demoqueer candidate!
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