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Great read of the situation!
Why are the Grand Juror's commenting? Their job is done and now the case goes to the courts! Proves there is more afoot that we see on the surface!
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The NRA Is Going After Michael Bloomberg

B1RD Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 1:20 PM
We conservatives need to stop patty-caking and get after the fight! I see Liberal Regressives as vicious and noxious enemies of America! With Obama as their leader!
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Bernie Sanders 2016?

B1RD Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 12:54 PM
Liberal Regression on display!
Benghazi? IRS? EPA? Boarder Security Breach! Voter Intimidation by the New Black P-u-s-s-i-e-s! There are others! Many others!
AG Holder is a black man first...he's out to downgrade "Whitey!" Calling me a coward and then walking away shows he is the coward! I have been subject to much discriminatory acts by blacks on me! I am just sick of all the blacks trying to change me when they are on the downward slope of life, committing crimes and living with no regard for life! How can I embrace a race or a culture that condone that kind of behavior! Many black men I run into are just thugs and try to intimidate! Well I will not be intimidated and will stand my ground as a few have found out! Others with which I work are great men and women who have decided to be hard working, kind and gentle people of good character! Holder and Obama have no good character and should be ashamed of themselves for widening the divide! Shame on them!
Dah! If you knew what fracturing was you would know what the impact was and would have nothing more to say about it! I spent all of 2012 in Ohio doing land work and managing drilling programs. The Unions advertised that Oklahomans and Texans were stealing their job! So, after many meals we had to face Union thugs with baseball bats in the parking lot! We had to publish and explain over and over again what Frac'ing was and do ecological studies until we were blue in the face! All studies came to the same conclusion! NO NEGATIVE, LONG LASTING IMPACT! I live in Tulsa, OK where frac'ing has been done since invention in 1941! We have some of the best public drinking water and have no ill effects and the Glenpool field is just a few miles away! Glenpool, Keafer and Mounds (small towns SW of Tulsa) is where all the wells are located. No 2-headed frogs, snakes or 3-eyed fish! Just good ole country folk that love liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Put that into your pipe and smoke it! All you know nothing pot heads!
I didn't write fulfill now did I!
Golf however does satisfy presidential obligations! Right? Vacations satisfy! Jay Z and Bouncy satisfy! Expensive travel for the First Bimbo with 20 in the Entourage satisfy!
Give us more of what we don't like! That's the ticket! The more I see this guy the more I wish he was gone, out of office and out of my life! Moron!
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