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10-4 good buddy!
No Bible thumping to your chagrin! The Bible states to abide by the laws in the land in which you live. If it is the law then Christians will abide. Not an issue. You can do what you want and I should be able to do what I want! God still refers to the homosexual life style as an abomination and if I so agree with God and not you then that is my right! Right? I have no issue with what other people do unless it negatively impacts me and mine. then I will refer to the Bible and my Brethren for guidance in that situation. It's not how you treat me it's how I treat you that's import to me and God!
you are not for real, loiso!
See bottom left...5 votes for A**hole or Jacka**.
It's a shame we have a president that misses opportunity after opportunity to unit us and actually become our president! Obama is a child in a man body! You are male by birth but a man by choice!
Huh? Sarcasm? What are the Koch brothers doing for which they need a cell? They give to more good charities than any freakin Liberal puck! Steyer and Soros are funding riots and upheaval in America and other countries! Check the record please!
Cray, Cray! Liberal Progressives have been appeasing Islam since President Adams! Did it work back then, no! But, after the United States Marine Corp was formed and march to Tripoli the nation of Islam has been somewhat quiet until recent times! We need to do another march or they will come here! BTW: They are here! Do not be fooled!
Criticize everything! Cool!
Sotomayor still wants facial hair!
You are correct...thx! Ha!
Yes, befreo!
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