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What the CIA did recently against Islamic terrorists was child's play compared to what they did during the Vietnam war. We have become a Foo-Foo society and what to play patty cake with our enemies that have and continue to brutally kill us and post it on YouTube. We, as a society, have become soft and vulnerable! We had better wide up and toughen up!
Beyond the the pail!
McCain needs to stay home. Turnover in political leadership is key to having great nation! These embedded thugs just keep stealing from us and getting richer!
My mortgage and my wife's house!
This is how it begins! Women have a wonderful place in this world but not everywhere does a women belong! Same goes for men! We cannot in every instance be all inclusive. Being smart about inclusiveness is what the PC leftist gorillas lake! I grew up with 3 older sisters and know women can do almost everything a man can do and vica versa is thing a woman can do a man cannot is give birth! All jobs are not gender neutral... On a drilling rig I would not want a woman working next to me slinging a chain! She will get hurt or killed and most likely hurt or kill a few men in the process. Another place is on the flight deck of a carrier. Just two examples!
:Look under Gobbers and Raisonetts Clause!
Sessions is going to do what? He and his PALS will not break a sweat for us! I've asked them if they are willing to give up a leg or an arm for us like our military men and women do? When will they give it all of us? They just look at me like a deer in headlights! Their jobs are more important than you, me or the country!
The politicians are RE-BRANDING America right before our eyes! So, why not re-brand ACA? It'll work in the eyes of highly educated, brain dead, greedy persons! Did I do justice with my catch all sentance above in describing all Obamanazi's and Repub-o-nuts? All politicians are play us for patties! They should be nominated for Oscars for their acting abilities! what we need in Washington DC is turn-over...if career politicians cannot get a good grip on power then there would not be this problem...there would be other problems but maybe would could manage those better than the problems we have now...Elite Political Class!
Yo Mama jokes!
Oh those Demoqueer and their name calling! Will there be another name after another American has their throat slit? Taking bets there will be more name calling by the Demoqueer! This would be funny if people's lives were not at stake!
Nancy "Bela Lugosi" Pelosi against a huge spending bill that sucks us dry? Wow, wonders never cease to amaze!
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