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I wonder in vain if the IRS paid the Employees in arrears (that owed taxes) the net sum or the gross?
Universities and colleges should encourage discussion and research on all issues of the day but to condemn people, entire groups of our society, because you disagree with them and to use a Bully Pulpit form which to spew your opinion. Can you say Bigot, Hypocrite, Racist, Liar, etc... Stereotyping is wrong and should not be tolerated! By any people group! Right!
He should resign or be fired!
Hey, take away guns and it all stops, right? If the violence continues then take away sticks and stone, pencils, silverware, pots and pan, the ability to cook, lights, and then begin removing fingers, feet and arms! Then the violence may stop! We will all be bed ridden and cared for by Obama! Ah! That's what these moron's want!
LACK IS THE ISSUE...A LACK OF HOPE is the primary cause! The criminal mindset is the core of the culture in Chicago. It's where the Liberal Progressive is leading the rest of us! To a place where the only course of action s violence! Is this what you want America?
Sooooo, instead of 2 full-time jobs we have to have 4-part-time jobs? How does that work? I know most of the American people, VAST MAJORITY, want to work and get some fulfillment from their labor. This is like government subsidy living! Jus tenough for basics! What did Michelle O say about splurging...its the point of living? (or some such non-sense!) The Demoqueer Mantra: I take from you and you give to me and if you complain about it the you are a Domestic Terrorist! The Federal Government thru the BLM is working on taking 90,000 acres of land from current land owners in the boarder between Oklahoma and Texas. Why? Is there Pelican that's endangered on Lake Texoma? No! The BLM is taking advantage of a boarder dispute between OK and TX and to resolve it they take the land saying Texas was a Republic before it because part of the USA so Texas did not have the right/authority to patent the land to the first land owner...WHAT? BTW: OK and TX have an agreement between the two states regarding this boarder dispute that the Congress refuses to approve. (Article 1, Sect 10, Paragraph 2 of the US Constitution) When did that boarder dispute happen? Decades ago! So, the Congress of the United States has been siting on this for decades while the plot to take land of law abiding citizens! How much land in the United States does the Federal Government own? (outside of national parks) Why does the F-government own 84% of Nevada and does that make Nevada a state with rights or does it make it a Federal outpost? How many homes does HUD own? How many mortgages does FannieMae and FreddieMac own? How many mineral acres does the Federal Government own? With all the income from grazing, oil and gas production, mineral production and more why does the F-government need to increase taxes on me and you? Why is the Political Elite in this country trying to put us and keep us in the poor house as a people an a nation? The biggest National Security threat to our nation is the Congress and the President! I am a Patriot and know this country will not survive this type of management at the top! My change is to transform the leadership of this country...a regime change! Vote to keep this country and make sure you show your ID! Prove you are a citizen! Make it count!
You are insulting Peanut Butter!
And, we are supposed to give this guy and those like him credibility! Harry Reid you have competition! Lying sacks of Shiitte!
The comments below say it all! There's nothing more to be said about low life people!
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