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Keystone Pipeline Delayed Again

B1RD Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 2:43 PM
Employing people is not a concern of this president! So I must conclude Obama is a Racist! Right? (because only white people will be employed by oil companies!)
You cannot argue with a fool and you cannot correct a fool! So why try?
Pascagoulapappa thinks the answer is for us to take a nice pilly-willy and the nurse will bring us did din? Is that the same nurse that just assisted in 3-abortions? Nice one NON-pappa! If you kill children you are not a pappa, you are a murderer!
Sherpa's in the area are daring and wonderful Mountaineers. Condolences ot the families that lost loved one's and bread winners! If it wasn;t for the climbing/mountaineers that travel to climb Everest and K2 these people would still be alive! What cost adventure! It's getting stupid now!
And these are probably the same dead people that voted for Obama in the last 2 elections. Demoqueers sense of fairness is strong! They will pay you when you are dead! Voter fraud is real, Medicaid fraud is real and if you ask Pelosi she would call this Economic Stimulus!
You Passa gloopgo are the problem! Just after the second now I popped a cap in yo arss! Next!
Government can order anything but what they get can be totally different than what they order! If a society does not comply with immoral laws then that is a civil society! But, wait? Even Harry Reid thinks we should comply regardless of the type of law or it's consequences! By complying with and not fighting you are like Harry Reid! How many of you have been involved in or with an abortion? (ask yourselves and those around you) Then ask why the pregnancy happened? Could the pregnancy been avoided? How did you react to the news? What action did you take? What are the consequences today from you actions back then? Hey, you can get condoms form 4th grade girls! So, why do we have so many pregnancies? Why in one community of race over another is there such tragedy and a propensity to continue this human destruction? Black people are just as valuable as white people! Maybe more so! Why then are Black leaders avoiding this issue? WHY? and, why are we? Civil, I think not!
Blah, blah, blah! You write words but say nothing! If you bleieved for one minute that the lives of the most innocent among us needed saving you would stop writing and start standing up for them in the streets. Most of yo like to here yourselves talk and read the prose you espouse! I call BS on you and those like you! If you truly believed you shiitte then this situation would not be in out midst! People like you have let this happen! Sitting on you couches and eating tater chips until your heads explode with the propaganda the TV spits out! BS America! BS!
The question about abortion has yout to be asked nor answered. It is, what about the restraint of the adults having sex? As a civilized society, which is yet to be determined, we should conclude life is precious and realize we have the technology to avoid pregnancy. There are tactical, medical and spiritual tools and methods that can be used. The issue has always been dealing with the symptom not the problem! We are doing that as a society with politics, weapons, and life! And, we call ourselves civilized? Hogwash! We are ruthless, selfish morons!
That's the problem with Liberal Progressives. They want America to have King or Queen and they want to be subjects! I don’t get that? Or maybe they have European Union envy? Whatever mental disorder it is the Clinton’s daughter having a baby is not news worthy! Oh, that ugly family is procreating! They should have an abortion to lead by example! Got a problem with that last statement? Deal with it doinker!
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