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You lost me in the first 2 words of your comment! You obviously do not respect my Lord and King!
70% of Muslims approve. And, if you leave the ranks then you in effect support their actions! What you need to do is stand in their ranks and fight them. The Bible states if a Brother does not change his sinful ways put him out of the church and give him over to the devil! So, you would leave the church instead of the rebels against God? This is what Islam is doing! By not standing up and doing something form within they tolerate and hence support the Caliphate!
To behead Conservatives after the IRS takes all the conservative targets assets! I said his skill were transferable... The final solution!
ISIS Jihadists are here! Obama has and is letting them cross the border in Battalion sized units! They are here and now Obama's ATF is banning 5.56 caliber ammunition for the most popular weapon in America! Obama's FCC is now going to control the Internet! So, we cannot freely communicate without being subject to eves dropping and direct surveillance! (The Chinese Model) Can you add...2+2 America is in a world of hurt because of this president!
Jihadi John needs a job. His skills are transferable. (?) I think unleashing Obama on their economy is the best way of defeating ISIS! Look what the Liar in Chief has done to the American economy! Now he's going to kill the Internet! And, Obama's ATF is banning ammunition! This is the true definition of infringement!
They, the Islamic Terrorists, are using our schools and our systems against us! Remember the Koran states treat the infidel treacherously! Now you can understand Obama's positions on everything! Obama is anti-semetic and pro-Islam! We see this and I also challenge Obama's Christianity! Obama is NOT a Christian! You think Obama's former pastor was Christian? Think again! GD America? Can you see "GD America" is everything Obama does?
Lynch is a Holder on steroids! Can you say, "Incoming!" America!
Roger that!
LimpLoiso stated 16 minutes ago: "yep - he really has no business involving himself in our politics." (Speaking of Bibi!) But then again it's okay for Obama, her lord and god, to send a smearing team of DEMOQUEER to Israel to besmirch BiBi during an Israeli election? That’s classic liberal logic right there!
Obama and the Demoqueer are putting their cheap legacy in front of National Security! Are these people Americans or are the the domestic enemies of the People! Obama and the Demoqueer is childish and chicken!
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