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Sarcasm? If not where is your car so I can drive it around without your permission for 5-yrs. I'll return it with 200,000 miles on it! What about your home! Hey, now that we are on the subject what does you wife look like! Is this OCCUPY whatever season here? Or , can we base our lives on the rule of law? I think it's OCCUPY Whatever! Vote conservative and get back to the Rule of Law!
The judge stated in the record that the IRS did in fact break the law but that they will probably not do it again! Now that judge is rendering an opinion not based on the law! This is tyranny and cover-up at its best! Do we really want people that behave this way running our country? Do we? Rally?
What is disturbing is this, "The Department of Justice continues to engage in deceptive measures..."! Why are we putting up with this el crapo?
Liberal Regressives as sick in the head and the heart! I pitty them!
Well, here we go again! Send in the clowns, less Holder this time! Race baiting is going into high gear! So, we have Islam on one side trying to kill us and the criminal black folk on the other side trying to get us to pay them for breaking the law! Oh for joy! America, what a country!?
We will see justice served as the officer that shot Michael Brown is acquitted! Then we will see lawlessness as Blacks burn down their own communities! I say let them and do not spend tax dollars to rebuild! Self infliction is a self thing not a public thing! I am going to watch as we see all that "character" expose itself in the Black community! Blacks are their won worst enemy!
Oh yeah! Raising little potty mouthed s-l-u-t-s is a great strategy! Start them out as soon as they can talk and keep indoctrinating them until their lives are a miserable as the feminists are today! These people are so mean spirited, hateful and insane! I have 4- granddaughters that will be raised with opinions and great happiness because their fathers and grandfather (me) show them how valuable they are and teach them to live an honest and good life! (Their father's are their Knights in shining armor!) Using their brains and hearts to guide them not their lady parts! That's just stupid and you see the war on women from feminists. No perverted liberal regressive little stud muffin is going to make a mess of our lives! We already have plans in place to get rid of those types of boys! Capish?
WTF, smith?
Voting for a man because of the colour of his skin is racist! Most of the Black community leaders are pure racists. Dr. King, Jr. taught one thing and they are doing something totally different! I have a great honor to judge my black friend by the content of their character! My pastor is a black man and I love him and his family dearly! My son is an associate pastor in a black church! BTW: We are off-white or light tan! NOT WHITE! (white is what you see behind the letters you are reading!) Demoqueer are here to divide us yet they talk so differently...when they talk they lie!
Homosexuality is about selfishness! Further, it's a perverted deviant behavior...there ain't no "Gay Gene!" A from of love if you like feces in your mouth!
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