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Here is Tulsa,OK my 2 boys have been in car accidents with Illegals. In both instances the van was full of Mexicans and the driver gave addresses that were vacant lots. In both instances there were medical claims filed for soft tissue damage. In both instances we had to pay for repairs on the boys cars. In both instances the vehicles that hit my boys car was registered to a farm in New Mexico. The owner of the vehicles did not know where the cars were. This is insurance fraud perpetrated by legal Mexicans on American's! This is happening all over America. I worked in Carlsbad, NM for about 1-year. When you backed out of the parking spot you had to watch very closely when you back out Mexicans would pull in behind you and let you back into them... another insurance scam.
Doesn't matter who did NOT vote! What matters is the polls opened, voting happened and the votes were counted! Any discussion about what did not happen that day is irrelevant and stupid! So, this is what the president meant when he said he would work with the new congress and find ways to find common ground. The only issue is common ground is totally on his side of the deal! Immaturity at its best!
As Marvin the Martian said, "Of course you know this means war!"
DNC and DWS are just insane people making shiite up as they go along! The problem is the ill-informed believe this shiite. The President, DNC and most Demoqueer folk have no credibility and are taking America down the primrose path to destruction. I used to own a mineral mine in Terlingua, TX. One day we left Terlingua heading to Presidio. As we drove along Hwy 170. About half way we took fire from over the Mexican boarder. When we got to Presidio we noticed two large bullet holes on the drivers side of the truck. When we got back to Alpine, TX (Brewster County) we checked with the Sheriff and the Highway Patrol. Both said they do not patrol that road any longer. There have been law enforcement officers killed on that road. As we worked the mine we began seeing Mexican vehicles driving up to the mine and sitting there watching us. There are others that have been attacked. The INS check point is about 100 miles from the Mexican boarder so Mexicans have the run of the South Texas. I've since sold my stake in the mine and will not return to that war zone! The boarder is not secure! We are being invaded and other enemies are walking into our country undetected! We are in a world of hurt!
BTW: I will support legislation that goes thru the House and Senate and is signed by the president. Like Reagan did! I will not support a King with no cloths. And, I really don;t care if illegal's have to wait 6 months or more. They put themselves into that position when they jumped the fence!
President Obama is playing games and is forcing action on this issue without regard for consequences and impact to citizens. Citizens pay his salary and he is disrespecting the stockholders of America. I am so disappointed in Mr. Obama but whats new! He is not trying to please and serve the American people. His master(s) is someone or a group of people that are pulling the strings! Obama is a divider and a traitor to this country!
Let Leno go to Ferguson, MO with Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and all the other American haters and Pro-Deathers to have a good ole fashioned RIOT! It's going to come down to a "Street Fight" to keep our rights to bear arms! Bloomberg ain't got enough money to stop it!
This is Obama's Red Rover moment! Red Rover, Red Rover...come on over!
Fudging numbers? Figures lie and lairs figure! The gobermint is great at fudging and fudge packing!
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