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Humans need to work with and around dangerous things in our environment! Makes us better humans, better to each other and more wise! Living in a "Geraldo Bubble" is just not living! But that's what all Liberal Regressives want...total control of society and life!
You cannot remove all the harsh, cruel, danger from this life! People need to be aware of danger and cruelty which exits all around us! So, if you outlaw a thing and then another thing and another, and another then you have a safe society where we all sit on the ground in some kind of safe bowl so nothing touches us and we touch nothing! What about cars, Geraldo? What about criminals, Geraldo? What about Mexican Drug Cartel's, Geraldo? What about BUCKET's, Geraldo? There are too many things that can hurt humans in this world so you cannot outlaw everything! One thing you can do is realize there is a reason for many, many things to be available in our lives for specific purposes. Thise things that can kill you need to be understood and used only in the manner that either preserves life or take is in deliberate acts! Since you, Geraldo, are against the 2nd Amendment, and not just weapons, then you sir an my enemy and I will smite thee with all my might! Release the dog's of war!
This needs to happen! We need to be wise consumers! Simple app that works to b-give me an idea! I will not shop Home Depot, Best Buy and others because who they support or stupid policies! Why Best Buy wants to scan the back of my Driver’s License is beyond me! It has the algorithm of my finger prints on it (Bioscan)! According to my states AG's office this is illegal! Until they are sued it will continue! Other retailers are also doing it to get perfect demographics! We need to know! Anyone that thinks we do not need to know things is lost and deserves what they get! BUYER BEWARE! Remember that on?
Makes sense for doctors performing invasive procedures to have admitting privileges for hospitals within 30 miles of an abortion clinic. Not all abortions go as planned! I kinda think abortions are not very good for women! The 3 abortions in which I have been involved were horrific on the young women! Even my father cried when he found out! Abortions KILL! It's better the abstain or to get birth control! Any fourth grade girl has condoms thanks to the Liberal Regressives!
Obama Bin Lying is just lost in his job. Over his head and out classed by the competition both domestically and internationally! If he is not campaigning he is nothing! Sad so many goof-balls voted for him not knowing who he was nor his capabilities!
Like Riggins...Rev up that Diesel!
I have guns and mucho ammo!
Obama has yet to meet his goal of -1.5% growth! Negative growth and bankruptcy is the only thing Obama and Liberal Regressives know!
What about Africa? Don't the dumb-arss want to go to Africa?
He'd give up his life in that T-shirt!
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