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"They've decided that today was the day that they were going to declare war on Alaska. Well, we are ready to engage," said U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and chair of the Senate energy committee." The F-government owns and controls way more than constitutionally authorized. I ahve been in land management for 34-years and still do not understand why the F-government owns and controls acres that should belong to citizens. Largest land (surface and minerals) owner Largest commercial real estate owner Largest residential real estate owner Largest recipient of royalty payments Largest menace to freedom and liberty! Yes, I'm talking about our lovely and corrupt federal government! They have messed up endangered species too! the desert tortoise is endangered but when Harry Reid needed that land he moved their habitat and and killed 4,000 of these protected critters! In Northern NV the BLM and Forestry cannot manage the land and protect the Sage Grouse. They have too much on their plates and not enough money to do even a mediocre job. So, they want to mess up more land by just grabbing it! The F-government appears to be preparing a land grab for strips of land between TX and OK. Oh, our wonderful government...taking, taking, taking!
Not a good wish! I for one wish them, homosexuals, well! No mental problems or health problems! I want them to be happy and not prosecuted for anything! So, don't persecute me for being a Christian and not accepting your homosexual life style..fair enough? I don't condemn you or anyone! Live as you like but let me do the same! Deal?
You so funny! You lead the way and I will not follow! Never! I am a Christian American! I am not your or the problem!
Welcome my son! Welcome to the machine! What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream! (a little Pink Floyd never hurt no body) The State over personal freedom!
The love of many will wax cold! (mind working faster than fingers! Sorry)
Jeff1162 Wrote: 6 mins ago (10:36 PM) "What demands are they forcing on you, Mud? They're not forcing you to marry a gay. If they demand that you perform the marriage or bake their cake, then I'll agree with you, but not if they're simply saying that gays have the right to get married." _____________________________ But Jeff! You know thye will come to my shop and force me to serve them, right? You know this! So, my suggestion to Christians and my Brethren is to serve them in excellence! Bake them the best cake they will ever taste and be faithful with what God have given! Treat others they way Christians are supposed ot treat others regardless of how they treat you! So what! God is still in control and He, through Jesus my Lord, has kicked the devil to the curb! This is all written about in the Bible. The love of may will wax cold! See it before us! It's here!
Fall means going down! You said it! 13 more states to fall! That is so cool people want us less than we can be! Sah-weet!
I cannot wait until some group of strange people want to have the right to bestiality! NMBLA already publishes it's good for little boys to be molested, ummm, trained by older men because it makes them better humans. WHAT? So, go for it! Get all you can in this life! Make no excuses and no apologies! No skin off my teeth! Why? You will not be around me and mine ot infect me with your bias and phobias! Your phobias not mine. You Christophobe!
Oh for joy! Joy to the world was a beautiful girl, but to me joy meant only sorrow!
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