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Katie is like my wife! Straight forward and meaningful! When my wife speaks we all listen because she is full of wisdom and loves us more than her life! She always sacrifices willingly for her family and is always there with a meal, a word or a weapon! I married a great Arkansas gal! A ridge runner! BTW: I tried ot keep her barefoot and pregnant and she would have none of that! She still goes for the barefoot part when we have a little time off. I love my life because of her! She has made be better man, father and lover! Can you dig it? I thougt that you could!
Remember it takes a Liberal Progressive 30-moinutes to read one line! an hour and one-half to read two lines! However, they can snort a line a under one second!
Hillary will run she cannot help herself! The self-important sycophant has great ambition for recognition…larger than Billie “the Bull” Clinton!
They all (Liberal Progressive Socialists) make me sick...
Warren is an Indian giver anyway! Good riddance!
CDC is contemplating bringing Ebola victims to the United States! Instead why don't they take the lab and the doctors to the plague! CAN YOU SAY POPULATION CONTROL!
My fellow Americans be diligent right now. Our enemies are among us and in our camp! We must not faint nor show any weakness. And, until we get them out of our camp will have to be ready to wage war when provoked! I hope you are not caught in a place where you cannot find a way out! Our federal government is buying weapons, ammo and food at an alarming rate! Why? They are preparing for what is coming! Look around you! Border collapsing, diseases on their way, a failing healthcare system, a failed political system, money supply in shambles, food supplies on the edge of collapse, and our leaders worried about desert turtles more than people! Just prepare yourselves for some bad times! Only the strong will survive!
I listened to the passion Mr. Mosab Hassan Yousef has for his family and people in multiple interviews. I also listened to the logic behind what he said...makes sense to me to support Israel and kick Hamas to the curb forever! When one of our leaders, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House, said last Sunday that Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization I nearly flew into space with anger! Mrs.Pelosi is encouraging Hamas and the terror! Wee need reform and it needs to come in the form of cleaning out the NUTBAG, INSANE, INEPT LEADERS IN THIS COUNTRY! SUPPORT ISRAEL ALL THE TIME!
"America may be "through" if "that many a--holes" exist, later adding that the US shouldn't worry about foreign terrorists because "our own crazies" will "take us down." So, me and people like me are the cause of all this mess America is in? Me and my family that have served this country for 106 years of continuous military service since WWI? Me and my family that bleed Red, White and Blue and stand tall and proud when we see the flag flying high? Me and my family that have sworn a sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies both foreign and domestic? Even our youngest son who served in Iraq for 30-months is why America is failing? Hmmmm? Couldn't be the efforts to transform America are agsint the Constitution, our laws, legal precedent and traditions...could it? And, that's why me and my family will stop people like Lois Lerner! Liberal Progressives socialist are so ate up with their own lies and deceit that they cannot understand patriotism, loyalty, courage, commitment and honor! I agree some things in America need to change but the manor in which the Liberal Progressives socialist are doing it is wrong on its face, but how else do people that only enjoy things when the get their way behave? These people failed to mature and are acting like simple minded teenagers! Selfish and unstable in all their ways!
The obstructionist, Reid, has been exposed once again! Watch him, Reid, change the Senate rules to get around existing law and long standing senate procedures! Killing our country is a profession for these Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrats! Their time is coming! And soon!
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