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Now you are assigning membership to one group of another? Wow! Didn't knw you were the grand poo-Bah of the Internet! You and Al Gorical would get along famously! Be glad you are in my country and we tolerate free speech!
Obey the laws of the land and cops will not mess with you. Be respectful when they confront you and they will see you are a law abiding citizen. We all share a common theme, "We don't like to obey rules!" We fight to get our own way and that's because we are soft and spoiled! Further, cops need to become more like servants than task masters.The conditioning of crime has made them hard and they don't trust the common citizen! To many good cops have lost their lives being nice guys! So, it us, both citizens and cops, that need to change our ways or it will get out of control! De Blasio's comments and actions were out of control! His loyalty is not with his office not the mandates he has to fulfill! De Blasio is a self admitted socialist in a capitalist Republic! He has no place here in America nor in the office in which he now presides!
Driven by strong emotions...not the Rule of Law! The attorney's and politicians behind this should be flogged in the public square!
If a doctor asks you if you own a weapon, DO NOT GO OFF ON HIM/HER! Just simply and calmly say, "Why, no I don't." and get to the reason you are seeing the doctor! If you do anything but offer full cooperation then, like the police, they will come after you aggressively! Going off on them show mental instability in their eyes! That means you will be pre-judged as being mentally incapable of owning a weapon!
Yes, you get to go first!
Yes, you get to go first! ;-)
Just like Obama is a community organizer and not a president Murthy is a political activist and not a doctor! Sad shape for the leadership contingent in America! SAD!
Was he a good Muslim or a bad Muslim? Depends on your point of view, huh? I wonder if the authorities ever went to talk with him personally. You know a show of force to let him know they know and are watching? Or, was it like it is here in Amerika! You have blow something up or cut someone's head off or kill innocent women in a office to get a nod or notice! Illegal Aliens have more rights in Amerika than citizens! SAD!
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