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The Democrat Plan for Race-Based Victory

b0b_c Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 8:39 PM
GOP House members have stonewalled on the debt limit and harmed the country's credit rating, then demanded that sequestration cuts be adopted as part of the deal to resolve the crisis they created. They wanted huge budget cuts then, but don't seem to want them now, especially if the budget cuts might hurt their own sacred cows. If the White House and congress really wanted to solve the federal budget crisis, they would do nothing. At the end of the year, the Bush tax cuts would expire and federal spending cuts would go into effect, impacting all parts of the federal budget.
b0b_c Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 8:40 PM
In a few years, the budget would be balanced. But of course we can't expect our elected officials to stand by and let the deficit be resolved. What would they fight about if that happened?

Let's follow standard Republican protocol by promoting more tax cuts and complaining about the National Debt in order to pay for increased defense spending.

Oh wait...I don't think that makes any mathematical sense...

For conservatives, Barack Obama’s presidency represents such an obvious failure that they can’t understand why the contest is even close. Among the 75 percent of the electorate classified as “non-Hispanic white” it isn’t close, in fact, with 60 percent support or more for Mitt Romney.


The problem is that in the quarter of the voting public that’s non-white, Obama prevails with a crushing 80 percent. This situation explains the shameful Democratic emphasis on racial issues and charges of GOP bigotry: if they can push Obama’s support among blacks, Latinos and Asians close to 90 percent, they can win despite emphatic...