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Obama Never Admits Green Failure

B.B.Crane Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 8:47 AM
How can anyone possibly believe Obama is a failure? He has squandered taxpayer money at impossible rates, he has showered his friends and supporters with hundreds of millions of dollars and endlessly foisted his UN-"Green" agenda on us - all at OUR expense. WE HAVE FAILED BECAUSE THIS ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES IS STILL IN OFFICE.
First of all, Bill, as REAL economists know, the boom-bust cycle is created by government intervention, not as an inherent instability of capitalism. It is an inevitable and recurring fact of life in fascist and communist nations where central planners and bureaucrats restrict consumer choice and eliminate entrepreneurial freedom. Second, Bernanke and his friends created the housing bubble by lending to those who couldn't repay because government allowed them to not only pass off their bad loans to others, leaving them liable, but to insure and short their losses, saddling taxpayers with making up ALL loses and giving the banks millions of homes through foreclosure and trillions in bailouts. It's time stop crying and start revolting.
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