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Hurricane Victims in Dire Need As Politicians Praise FEMA

B.11 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 2:48 PM
If the victims of tropical storm Sandy hope to have their lives and property put back together they had better vote for Mitt Romey. 0bama will promise them all sorts of stuff, but just like cutting the debt, immigration reform, cap and trade, closing Gitmo, creating jobs, cutting waste etc. etc. etc. NOTHING will come of 0bama's empty promises.

This morning on Fox News, Neil Cavuto pointed out the disconnect between Hurricane Sandy victims and politicians. People heavily affected by the storm are still without power, food, clothing and feel they aren't being helped in the ongoing crisis. Politicians however have been more than willing to praise FEMA for their efforts, they've touted the "good work" FEMA is doing to help people in front of the TV cameras and have said things are running smoothly.

Here's the situation:

-Millions of people still do not have power