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Fractured Fairy Tales: Greens Hate Natural Gas and Fracking, but Costly, Parasitic Wind Energy Can’t Live Without it

B.11 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 6:02 PM
Barack 0bama knew when he took office that the two main factors for a robust economic recovery were to maintain reasonably priced energy and regulatory stability (not a rollback, just don't do anything crazy enough to scare producers). He proceeded to do the exact opposite. He knew his policies would cause suffering ("under my plan of cap and trade electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket) and he just didn't care. If he is re-elected he and his cohort of "mankind is a virus" liberal nutjobs will finish destroying our economy, "for our own good".
Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have boosted shale gas production from zero a few years ago to 10% of all US energy supplies in 2012, observes energy analyst Daniel Yergin. Fracking has also increased US oil production 25% since 2008 – almost all on state and private lands, and in the face of more federal land and resource withdrawals, permitting delays and declining public land production.

In the process, the fracking revolution created 1.7 million jobs in oil fields, equipment manufacturing, legal and information technology services, and other sectors. It will generate over $60 billion this year...