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Poverty Causes Crime?

B.11 Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 6:54 PM
The left will never admit it, but it is far more likely that crime causes poverty. The world is full of places where the people are desperately poor but crime is relatively low, but there is nowhere where rampant crime is tolerated that is generally prosperous.
0bamism is nascent fascism, it already has Nos. 3, 5, 6, 9 and 13 down pat. And 0bama has said he wants to create a national police force "with power equal to the military" (12). You can look it up.
Your timeline is a little skewed. What you describe is happening right now. Under 0bama. Fascism was, and always has been, a Progressive ideology: Big government, under the guidance of intelectual elites, tries to solve society's problems with massive state run programs and top-down control of every aspect of people's lives. That's not Republicans and certainly not the small government Tea Party. That's the democrat party. Get a grip.
@Corbett - Ahhh, the PETA solution.
An article like this so far from the election is pretty useless. The GOP Elites/RINOs (but I repeat myself) have eleven long months to screw things up. America still likes people with backbone and the GOP better start acting like they've got one. Rolling over on 0bamacare, immigration, the debt ceiling, 0bama's flouting the Constitution will not earn the GOP any votes from outlier groups(latin immigrants and "the young") and may discourage conservatives from voting at all.( I know I have all but thrown in the towel). The GOP will need every vote to overcome the democrat lying media/vote fraud advantage.
Here in Florida leftys were trying to saddle us with a high-speed rail from Tampa, through Orlando to Daytona. It was going to be so wonderful. Until people started asking how much it would cost to build and (more importantly) operate, plus, who the heck was actually going to ride the thing (umm...nobody) That killed it. We may have some fuzzy math here in the Sunshine State, but we're not California. Yet.
Well, John, the democrats sure do.
Republicans CAUSED the shutdown trying to save ALL of America from 0bamacare. They failed. But remember: No Republican had a hand in writing 0bamcare. No Republican voted to pass 0bamacare. 0bamacare is so bad that many Republicans put their political lives on the line to stop it. When 0bamacare reduces your quality of medical care, in fact your overall quality of life, remember three democrat faces: 0bama, Reid, Pelosi.
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Obama Cuts Foreign Aid to Egypt

B.11 Wrote: Oct 10, 2013 6:47 PM
0bama is finally being transparent! He is punishing the Military Leaders of Egypt for cracking down on 0bamaBFFs The Muslim Brotherhood.
So now, under 0bama, the US military has been reduced to mercenaries for hire to the richest potentate? Of course 0bama and his crew of bootlockers will not recognize the insulting nature of this line of thinking. 0bama sure has raised the stature of the US in the world's eyes...
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