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CBO "Energy Security" Report Exemplifies Washington's Failures

B.11 Wrote: May 19, 2012 3:16 PM
The flaws in the CBO's Energy Security report merely reflect the fact that liberals, especially liberal elites, don't want Americans to enjoy secure, plentiful, reasonably priced energy. Second only to their loathing of the First and Second Amendments, they truly detest Americans' freedom of movement. They hate the unsupervised nature of cross-country road trips. Being free to relocate, in order to escape the hellholes their policies create, makes them apoplectic. That is why they have been waging a decades long war to decrease to capabilities of automobiles, or fit them with constant-on GPS to monitor our movement if necessary.Their fascination with train travel is related. It's just so controlled.
Account closed Wrote: May 19, 2012 8:57 PM
Exactly. Democrats: The Art of the Manufactured Crisis. Only government can help you. Big Government. Big Expensive Government. Big Expensive Unresponsive Government.

It’s no wonder most Americans don’t trust politicians and government agencies in Washington, D.C. Too often the city’s power brokers offer talking points that seem to fly in the face of logic. Now, a report from the Congressional Budget Office on U.S. energy security serves as the most recent example as to why American’s take information from Washington, D.C. with a hearty grain of salt.

In their report “Energy Security in the United States” the agency makes many errors that one would hope the analytical arm of Congress might avoid. Among these, the report dismisses entirely the idea that increased...