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Torture Helped Get Bin Laden?

AZYaateeh Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 7:25 PM
You'd better tell the Romans and the Chinese that they weren't civilized, because they had refinements of torture the Apaches could only dream of. Waterboarding is not torture according to several international courts—notably an EU court ruling on the UK's use of it against the IRA. And don't cite the Japanese in World War II, because that wasn't waterboarding, they were forcing those people to drink large amounts of water.

"Zero Dark Thirty," the film about the hunt for and killing of Osama bin Laden, got a fresh infusion of buzz over the weekend when outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta confirmed again that enhanced interrogation techniques aided the effort to find bin Laden.

"Some of it came from ... interrogation tactics that were used," he said. "But the fact is we put together most of that intelligence without having to resort to that. I think we could have gotten bin Laden without that."

In other words, the movie exaggerates the role played by enhanced interrogation techniques -- torture to...