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Fundamentalist? Fine by Me

AZYaateeh Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 7:34 AM
1) We, uh, don't really understand how evolution works, do we, cupcake? Hint, think very hard about what mechanism passes on genes. How can a non-reproductive proclivity be equal to a reproductive one, in an evolutionary sense? (Also, the research all says that homosexuality is usually a maladaptive coping mechanism for childhood sexual abuse—neither a choice nor inherent, but ENVIRONMENTAL.) 2) You completely missed the point. This wasn't actually about homosexuals—it was about alleged liberals cheerfully advocating discrimination.

Author's Note: The following is part two in a column series. Part one, Brown Shirts at ECU, can be found by clicking on my column archive.

Hi Mike. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is also Mike, although that may be about the extent of our commonalities. But that is okay. Our strength in in our diversity! Indeed, I am writing to offer a diverse perspective on an email you sent to numerous subordinates using your East Carolina University email address. It follows in its entirety:

“Hi All: The LGBT Resource Office is hosting the program stated below. I...