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What's Wrong with the GOP?

azwayne Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 12:50 PM
Find a way to show DIFFERENCE of GOP and liberal Dems, all politicians want YOUR money in any and every way they can confiscate it. Keep wasting time and money on GOP, you get same results, how long can you survive??

Here is the biggest problem with the news coverage of the Fiscal Cliff. The only message coming through was President Obama's message: that he was trying to save the middle class from a tax increase by raising taxes on the rich. On the Republican side, the message was…well…it was a muddled mess.

Republicans seem to have great difficulty reminding people that the George W. Bush tax cuts are the reason middle income families have not been paying about $2,000 more in taxes every year. The agreement President Obama just made with Congress saves about 80% of those tax cuts. It saves...