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The Cost of Todd Akin's Ambition

azwayne Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 10:50 AM
Thank you for one actual truthful, sensible comment. Not one big mouth journalist went to look for any FAcTS, statistics just need to run their mouths to fit in run 0of the mill media. How many rapes result in pregnancy, that's not an available fact? How many rpe victims wouldn't take the morning after, they would wait and see? He didn't have his words in perfect order, but his intentions were better for America. People should throw off the party elites who got their pride hurt. People when smart will not pay these corrupt parties to do their speaking and thinking.
When it was so easy to get this many to read and agree on the incompetenece of our government , when and how do we get the response from our congressmen where it counts?? This should be to page, first item from anything they are doing, and NOT doing. Wouldn't this be more important than another 5 weeks of vacation? When do people that pay the bills dictate the production??
We need to MAKE that choice, we don't get it by following along with the corrupt party.
Your republican party is NO different than Dem party, they all live and operate their rackets in DC. They like all your money and attention.
The public knows less than 10% about corrupt primary PICKING.
Everyone still supporting the corrupt two parties?? How much money can they waste? One campaign could pay a big share of deficit, get it??
That's NOT Dem that's CONSERVATIVE Republicans and INDEPENDENTS that know the RINO is NOT acceptable. We're looking for INTELLIGENT people to get on board and use your God given talents. ODUMBO is unusable in America, Romney is SAME thing.
Stick your third party bashing in the closet. THIRD party is only salvation of America. It's time to "BREAK THE DEMOPUBLICN MONOPOLY"
Thank you , it's great to see every stem of common sense. The conservatives can't blend with liberal GOP party any more. The sooner we admit and get the third party in full swing the better. Even New York recognized need of conservative party, why are the rest so slow???
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