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Obama's Organizing For Action Sure Likes The Gang of 8 Immigration Bill

Aztlan Buster Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 12:41 PM
There isn't an ice cube's chance in Hades this abominable amnesty bill will ever see the light of day now that we have discovered that Chechen Muslim immigrants pulled off the Boston bombings. Stick a fork in it.... it's done…. we hope. The corrupt and incompetent Congress and that lying socialist Obama cannot be trusted to protect you and your families. No way.

Last week the one and only hearing on the massive 800+ page long illegal immigration reform bill from the Gang of 8 was postponed due to the Boston Marathon bombing, but as things start to get back on schedule here in Washington D.C., Obama's Organizing for Action is asking supporters to hit the phone banks in favor of the legislation.

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Last week, a bipartisan group of eight senators introduced a bill that could pave the way toward passing comprehensive immigration reform.

OFA supporters across the country are doing what they...