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The bill included an extension of tha patriot act to 2017. Political gamesmanship so the next round of campaign ads can say so and so voted for or against this or that when the bill was stuffed with other things that were not acceptable.
I don't know how they can draw these conclusions from that. At lot of assumptions here. So many possible scenarios. If he was shot from the tip of his thumb and traveled to his wrist, it sounds like Wilson already had his weapon drawn and aimed at Brown. It also sounds like it's inconclusive that it was at close range. Reaching his hand toward the gun may have been a defensive move on his part. So pick the scenario that fits your narrative and favor the "expert" testimony over the eye witnesses. Just the fact that he shot him 6 times tells me he wasn't just trying to stop him, he wanted to kill him. There is no question he was unarmed, but no pepper spray or taser. Straight to lethal force and lots of it. Generally eye witness and first impressions are correct. It takes time to come up with a good cover story.
Talk about insensitive! Just blow off that 1.2 million number. Killing with drone strikes is clearly a morally superior way to murder people. And no I am not a liberal, but I can't justify indiscriminate killing by ANYONE either! Either the number are correct or they aren't and from what I've read I believe they are. If they are he certainly has a valid point.
I can't get past the fact that this is actually a TV show. This is why I gave up cable/satellite TV years ago. Nothing worth watching. Especially the political ads. Just think... the people that watch this stuff are the targeted voters.
Not anarchy any more that the founders did in the sense of VERY limited government with enumerated powers. Have you read Locke, Paine or Bastiat? That is where I get my understanding of the ideals of our founders because that's where they got them. The confederation of states was a noble idea. But we slowly evolved from 'these' united states as we were referred to in early literature, to 'The' United States which became the common term after Lincoln consolidated power in the federal government. Which naturally lead to the mob rule we have now and the very thing the Constitution was supposed to prevent. I do agree that our current leaders are more globalist than nationalist.
Then who were the patriots devoted to before we had a country? Patriotism is not to a country, but to an ideal. The ideal that everyone should be free of government oppression and given opportunity to succeed and prosper. This country once represented that ideal, but it is being crushed by the very government that was designed to protect it and the mob rule mentality of the modern nationalists. What I despise is that very mentality which works against the patriotic ideals of our founding fathers. Regarding immigration, that was my point - you can't say it's easy if it's illegal. You can't say ANYONE can come here if they can't in fact do so legally.
Exactly! Not the arrogant notion that we're "better" than everyone else. We are exceptional only to the extent that we provide exceptional opportunity for individual freedom, happiness and success. And sadly in that area, we are not what we once were.
Everyone is all excited here yet the author never mentions exactly what they are protesting. What do they believe is being censored? The article just uses the topic as an excuse for a rant about the need for American nationalism (not patriotism) to be indoctrinated in our children through government education. "Newsflash—what makes America exceptional is the unique fact that anyone can come to this country and become a citizen. Anyone can come to this country and achieve their American dream." Then why do we have a problem with illegal immigration if it's so easy?
How convenient since all government at it's core is force. The only language they know.
Lipstick Barracuda = Anonymous. If that's your real name I apologize.
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