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Spent a year in Nam 69-70, but I'd take six, six, and a bcd before I'd be deployed by Oblivet to Africa to combat ebola.
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Feds release cows gathered in Nevada roundup

azm Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 7:01 PM
Two hypotheses may explain the stand down; first; the admin thinks they cannot get away with another Waco or Ruby Ridge. Second; Harry Reid had another land grab and swap going, but could no longer pull it off due to the wide publicity, and knowledge of his previous fraudulent Nevada land schemes.
How about we enforce the laws already on the books? Problem solved. We don't no steenking new laws, certainly not the 1200 page senate version.
I especially like the bribe by Tyson interests. Tyson lawyer Blair took the losing side of the cattle futures trades for Tyson, and Hillary got the winning side of the straddle trades. Tyson got their 100K$ bribe in with pretax dollars. Pretty neat. Barron"s business mag had a big article about it years ago. After that, we were all lectured by Hillary about "the decade of greed."
PS. Our repertoire was limited only by the beatings we would receive from the police, or more effectively, by our parents.
This is a situation that begs for irony , humor, sarcasm, and sand in the gears of "the system." Remembering myself and my buddies at about age 14 to 15, we were incorrigible breakers of law, order, and decorum. I can see it now. A contest among the group to see who can have the most gender changes per unit time; who can hang organ in front of the most phenotypic females: who gets the best grope on the wrestling team, etc. The possibilities are endless. Let the games begin! :
Our Exalted Dear Leader whines about his ability "to govern." I have news for Dear Leader. Neither he nor any president governs. Congress governs! Presidents are merely are the instrument of carrying out the governance instituted by congress. Dear Leader has inadvertently exposed his mindset, as per Il Duce, Chancellor Hitler, Mao, and tyrants the world over. Do you suppose the MSM will point this out?
Were I Cherokee, I'd be offended.
So the slimy POTUS sat on the intel from Oct 10 to Apr11. Then he told the Admiral to use his own best judgment whether to send men on a mission that could result in their death. When the Admiral went ahead with the mission, the POTUS left the golf course to watch the action. What a Hero our POTUS is!
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The Government's College Money Pit

azm Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 4:03 PM
Typical liberal experiment with terrible consequences. Take naive, marginally educated students from our public school system, lure them into debt to study leftist drivel, then marvel that they are discouraged when they can't find a job. They then become embittered and look to the same government that made them indentured servants to create more programs to bail them out. And the productive taxpayers pay for this.
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