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Arizona is already burdened by billions of dollars in costs due to Obama preventing states from protecting their own borders. It would be a wise expenditure of funds if Arizona would immediately bus these children to a sanctuary city like San Francisco.
Obama wasn't lying when he promised he would punish his enemies.
Or it could be that they are all just becoming racists.
I can see why the wives wanted these two out of the house. Because, you know... like, they never get to go anywhere.
"...anyone on the other side of the political spectrum..." "...whether there are impediments from our side..." Is this partisan orientation typical of all of Obama's federal appointees in positions of power, including federal judges?
Well, Obama obviously never appoints people to positions of power who will work for the good of the American people. He appoints Democrat operatives who will bring the full weight of the United States government to reward his friends and punish his enemies.
Under Obama, our Air Force should only be used to drop rainbows and butterflies on the enemies of freedom.
If we can trust the government on Benghazi, I'm sure we can trust the government on Obamacare.
OMG. That quarter in the picture is HUGE!
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Bye Bye, Harry?

azgirl3 Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 11:53 AM
If Republicans would give conservatives a reason to vote, they wouldn't boycott the ballot box.
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