In response to: problems are target at Hill hearing

Azera Wrote: Oct 24, 2013 12:28 PM
Amen.....Why should the Repubs care about delaying the ACA? They should tell every friggin' Dem HELL NO and follow that up with "Because it is the law of the land". Seriously....why should Congress pass legislature to do anything with this Obamanation when really all it takes is BHO and his Bic ballpoint pen??

WASHINGTON (AP) — The principal contractors responsible for the federal government's troubled health insurance website say the Obama administration shares responsibility for snags that have crippled the system.

Executives of CGI Federal, which built the federal website serving 36 states, and QSSI, which designed the part that verifies applicants' income and other personal details, were testifying Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

As the hearing began, Republican committee members said the website problems are symptomatic of deeper flaws in the Affordable Care Act, and they accused administration officials of misleading Congress with repeated assurances that the rollout was on track.