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Rand Paul: Clinton Engaged in "Predatory Behavior"

Azera Wrote: Jan 27, 2014 12:41 PM
You know.....this notion just hit me. Washington - in totality - is just like most reality shows and progresses just like reality shows. To wit: Every reality TV show I've ever watched started out with a rather interesting & benign story line of someone living some place or someone building something or whatever. Then the next season a bit of drama is induced. Then the drama starts getting ramped up season by season until the show is reduced to people yelling and cussing and things getting so outrageous that viewers either stop watching (85%) and the ones that still watch are of questionable intelligence. And so too it is with Washington. Year after year it's as if folks in Washington need to top what they did the year before. No matter how crazy the notion, no matter how stupid the idea, no matter what - the 99% of folks in Washington need to be larger than life and create more drama year after year after year. So when will folks in America get like me with reality shows and shout S_T_F_U and tune to another TV channel?