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Supreme Court Be Damned: DOJ Serves Texas a Lawsuit Over Voter I.D. Law

Azera Wrote: Aug 22, 2013 4:53 PM
At the risk of piling on, I too will say that Texas should just flip-off Holder and tell him if he sets foot in Texas they'll arrest him. And then do it. What's BHO gonna do? Jump up & down? Yell let him go? Threaten Texas? With what? Sooner or later somebody just needs to stand up to him and say go pound sand - I don't recognize you or your power. I am so dam sick and tired of these folks gettig their way and no one telling them eff off.
gary395 Wrote: Aug 22, 2013 5:03 PM
Holder can take a hike, this perjury gangster should be in prison, hey all you inmates that's doing time for perjury, do you think it's fair for Holder to commit perjury, and is never prosecuted ?
The Department of Justice has served up a Texas sized lawsuit over the Lone Star State's voter identification law, something Attorney General Eric Holder has been warning about since it was signed into law in May 2011.

The Justice Department said Thursday that it will file a new lawsuit against Texas to try to block the state's voter ID law.

“Today’s action marks another step forward in the Justice Department’s continuing effort to protect the voting rights of all eligible Americans,” Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement accompanying the announcement of the lawsuit.