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And yes - I'm gonna say it. If any other WHITE PRESIDENT was to have done what BHO has done - regardless of political party - they would've had impeachment charges brought against them looooooooooong ago. But hey.......we can't let the first Black President go down in history as a failure can we?? Why of course not. So we'll just whine & cry on TV to the American public and have press conferences throwing out feigned threats if BHO does this or that. Let's give the public a show that we're not gonna take it - no sirreebob. And then give in to the SOB all the while keeping their collective congressional fingers and toes crossed that BHO doesn't do something that can't be undone.
How sad is it that our leaders in DC now resort ot tactical chess moves and political gamesmanship and all other manners of trickery to out maneuver and run this country. ALL of them in DC are doing everything BUT adhereing to the Constitution in the governing of this country. The bottom line is at the end of the day, if our elected leaders do not follow the Constitution, we no longer have a representative form of government. And at that point it's US versus THEM. There's no Repubs. There's no Dems. There is just THEM. But until this country hits that rock bottom point, people will not understand the loss of control over what is suppose to be OUR government.
Back in the day this Gruber dude would've been dealt with by folks taking him out back of the barn. But......alas......we've become more "civilized". So I would suggest that we take him out back behind the MIT Student Union and then stomp a new muddle puddle in his @ss.
Yes. Harpers ferry, Charlotesville, etc. I found a few that were not very large. Mostly those were skirmishes.
A few years ago I completed a bucket list item - touring most of the Civil War battlefield sites by motorcycle. It was a glorious, moving, educational, humbling, and sad (sometimes) adventure.Of course Gettysburg is a standout, but Appomattox Court House, and Manassas and Fredericksburg and many others were just as emotionally triggering. I highly recommend a tour of these places. All it costs you is time and some gas.
If the RNC was really smart they'd seize this opportunity to unveil a P/R campaign called something like "Let The Truth Set You Free". First, they should go on a media blitz all across America thanking the voters for giving the Republican Party a chance, Second, they should thank the voters for not believing the man made Democratic lies of War On Women and Racism and all the other stereotypes of the Republican party. And third they should acknowledge that they've heard "We the People" and have learned from their mistakes in governance.
I actually got my hands on the bilingual material for those who can't speak or read English. It says: Republican - this word in in spanish means border fence. Democrat - this work in spanish means free stuff for May-hee-cans. Hope this is useful information to y'all.
Even if the Repubs win the Senate, this war is far, far, far from being over. Everywhere you look in this country, the seeds to progressivism are not only sowed, but have grown into institutional trees. Major corporations have capitulated to the God of Political Correctness and shove it down employees throats coated with names like diversity. Children come home questioning their parents why they're so angry about Muslim 'cause their teacher is teaching them that the Muslim religion is "peaceful". Our court system has been hijacked by progressives and sowed our laws with activism verdicts and rulings. Heck - even our Constitution has taken pot shots. The greatest military in the world is now fraught with "fairness". Our media.....well, never mind - they've been a lost cause for some time now. Our police departments are out of control because we've not kept them in check. In some cases you can't tell if the police have rolled in or the National Guard. I could go on, but you can fill in the rest yourself, because you've seen it too. And that's why I say that the Repubs biggest blunder is in not recognizing and respecting the enemy's game plan. Water on it's own is pretty harmless. A rock OTOH can be imposing. So tell me what happens to the rock when water drips on it over time? Does the water win or the rock? That's right - water will bore a hole. And that's the Dem progressives game plan - drip, drip, drip. Time is on their side. The Repubs need to make time be on their side and develop long term strategies for not only getting rid of the progressive seeds and weeds, but making the land inhospitable for their progressive seeds.
Soooooooooo..........what happens if one of these American volunteers happens to get captured by ISIS?
He's not an independant. Just look at his wife. She has liberal written all over her face - LITERALLY!
I'm shocked that this article didn't include Town Hall lecturing us on how walking out on the President of the United States of America was rude.
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