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....The real question is when does it stop?....
"Any parents out there would understand that you would want anything and everything done to bring your child home," he said. With all due respect to Kayla's parents......she was not a child. She was a grown, (hopefully) mature woman. As many here have said, she chose to go to a place that was dangerous to Americans - especially white females. And I bet if the truth be known, she and any other Americans were apprised of the dangers of being in Syria and that America has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. How would you feel if you gave the terrorist $50K and they turn around and take another son or daughter from some poor person down the block who doesn't have $50K. You gonna pay for their kid too? The real question does when it stop? Sorry to break the neews to you but it stops when folks quit paying ransoms.
Personally, I believe there is already an active plan to kidnap, from American soil, an American by anyone of the terrorist organizations. It would be their "holy grail moment" and a demonstration that the have the ability to each out and touch folks. And when this happens, a lot of libs will start flailing their arms in the air and wondering how this could happen. But when anyone says to them (now), the U.S. will have to fight them over there or over here, the libs just thin that's a bunch of BS.
Am I the only one that sadistically is happy that the ACA house of cards is starting to fall on the Dems, the LIV's that put BHO back in office, and the gimme parasites? Personally, I don't think the Repubs outta do squat to the ACA. Any fixin' is just being an enabler of the ACA monster. Let it burn and crumble before the progressives eyes. Then those of us on the right side of the fence can point, laugh, and say, "We told you so".
Jeezus-H-Christ Flake......that idjit in the WH has been poking the House and the Senate in the eye now for what......6 years and you're gonna come to the aid of the po whittle misunderstood HMFWINC????? Your fellow Republicans should take you out behind the woodshed.
And the Bob Beckel's of the world will say that this is just anecdotal evidence. That millions of folks have insurance that they didn't have before. But.....what they don't talk about is that there's a difference between HAVING insurance and insurance covering what ails you. They also don't mention that there's still some 16 million Americans with no coverage. The ACA is the single biggest lie perpetrated on the American public since them saying you'll go blind if you "do that" too much.
A close friend of mine dropped by this weekend and during the course of our conversation he mentioned that he had to call his insurance company cause they drafted out a little over $300 MORE for his insurance premium. Obviously it was a mistake since his (ACA compliant) policy was the same as last year. The insurance folks told him that his rate of $210/month was the first year discounted rate and the new rate was $550/month. $6600 a year with a $3000 deductible for a man that is 56 and is semi-retired. My-oh-my.....the things he called BHO made me blush. Not really. Shoot - I joined in.
Let's just say that Romney did say what Axlerod says. Wouldn't Romney's statement be factually correct?? God - dang......why are liberals/progrssives/communist/marxists so afraid of the truth and facts. It's like Kryptonite to Superman with these idiots.
Brian's so-called apology is a pet peeve of mine. Whe anyone says, "I'm sorry, BUT I was blah, blah, blah...." IMHO that IS NOT an apology. That's a half hearted attempt at an apology at best and mostly it's to self-reinforce that you're not a bad guy. An apology goes like this: "Hey....I screwed up and I'm sorry". That's it - nothing more needs to be said. Admit your mistake and take ownership. Sorry - I know I'm preaching to the choir. But dagnabbit.....some people don't get it. Anyhow...... BTW - I love all the name dropping that Brian does in his "apology". Just another thing to reinforce his perception of importance. Brian Williams - you're just sad.
The challenges Gov. Walker faced from the Unions and the teachers wil pale in comparison to what Karl Rove will do to him. I guess all these potential Presidential candidates didn't get the memo that Jeb is the defacto candidate for the GOP.
Please cite the quote where Gov. Walker explicitly said he was "pro amnesty, pro ILLEGAL immigrant." I'll wait............
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