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Hey Jimmy - you senile old F**T. DO you know how many years it was before us Georgians would publicly admit to being from Georgia because of you?? And there's STILL folks to this very day that will needle me about you when I tell them where I live. You're just the gift that keeps on giving. And I'd imagine that the Navel Academy would as soon as forgot you attended and graduated from there. I bet you didn't spew your crud there.
You're darn tootin'. I say before we let them be a resident of a state we make them sign a document stating they will vote for nothing but Conservative / Republican candidates. Most of the time these folks bring the same BS with them that they tried to escape from in the first place.
Mercedes - Benz also just announced they're moving their North American headquarters out of New Jersey to Atlanta despite Cristie's attempt to get them to stay with all manners of concessions. So what does that tell you? I suspect others like Beretta and M-B are looking to bail 'cause the see the writing on the wall.
queue Bill Clinton voice Well hey there darlin'. Oh....just call me Bill. I like that pretty blue dress on you.Would you like to see the Oval Office?
Sadly he's wasting his time. The fix is in. JEB BUSH 2016!!!!!! gag
You gotta admit........ This administration has got lying with a straight face down to an art.
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Obama's State of the Union Sales Tour

Azera Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 12:14 PM
Personally.....I think every Republican and/or conservative in those cities should turn out enmasse for the Prez. And once he starts speaking, they should turn around and face the other direction. If that happened, wanna bet the MSM wouldn't show it?
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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

Azera Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 12:25 PM
You know......over the last couple of days I've heard all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth from Knew Yawkkers and quite frankly, I don't know what all the who ha is about. Yoose guize elected that POS commie so deal with it. It's not like he made any bones about his liberal affiliations. BUT......if you're so outraged, do what those folks in Colorado did - recall his beehind outta office. And if you don't shut up.
Iffin' I was a Mexican drug cartel person, I would: - Track her down and shoot her mangy but - Stuff her carcus with cocaine - Ship her to the U.S. in care of some Coroner I paid off - Dig the cocaine outta her - Give her to the FBI - Collects my money
Last weekend while getting my car washed just off base (Fort Stewart), I met and talked at length with Willy - a 20+ year retired Army guy. Willy has been retired for 5 years now but still has friends in the Army. The things Willy told me ranged from shocking to ridiculous to disheartening. Equipment - Willy's buds tell him that stuff is "slap wore out". Can't get new spares cause of budget cuts. M1A1's by the hundreds aren't in running order because their part donors. Canons not useable because they've exceeded their rounds limit and have to be structurally inspect but there's no budget for testing. Troops - 50% reduction over the next 7 years. Willy says that what will be left for troops will be just a bunch of p_****_ies because you can't yell at anyone or cuss at them and if they don't wanna do morning PT they leave post and go to Starbucks and come back. And that when they are "in the field", they are allowed to leave and come back to get a shower (every day if they wish) and then return to the field. Willy's opinion is that if we had to fight a real war, we'd lose. The pay is getting worse each year and certain re-upping bonuses have been cut or eliminated. Retirees - Willy told me how they tried their best to not allow him to get his 20 years in by enticing him with lump sum payouts so he wouldn't retire and get benefits. He has friends that are being treated the same way and worse all so they don't have to give retirement benefits. Willy summed it up by saying, "You have to be desperate or a complete du_m**** to join the military like it is today."
Amen Henry. I've often said that they are their own worst enemy. I call it the blue crab syndrome. Anyone that has been crabbing or seen a bunch of blue crabs in a bucket will observe that one or two crabs will try and get out. And what do the other crabs do? Do they follow? NO! They will grab the crabs trying to get out and drag them back in.
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