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And the best part of the Fair Tax is...... It abolishes the IRS.
It's too bad there's not some young whipper-snapper out there that has grand visions of being the next Woodward or Bernstein. If there were and they were really hungry, I bet the BHO administration would fall like a house of cards. Congress investigating?? Bah........
The solution is rather simple. We create a DMZ like area that is 100 yards wide. On our border we erect pictograms of what will happen should you jump the fence and enter this no-mans-land. It illustrates a man, a woman, and a child being blown up. Additionally, we have signs in 10 different languages that say, "The area you are entering has land mines and you will be blown up. Have a nice day". And we sow this 100 yard wide swatch of land with mines. I suspect it will only take about 7 or maybe 8 folks being blown up before the news travels to the tip of South America that the U.S. is a no go.
Someone should have asked the Dems on the committee how is it that government job websites are advertising for "chaparones" to accompany these poor lost souls as the HHS distributes them to all ends of America? Does anyone think these job opportunities just sprang up over night? As much red tape as there is in Washington, these job openings had to be in the pipeline for the last 3 to 4 months. And if that's the case, does the HHS have a crystal ball that told them that in 4 to 6 months, they were gonna have to deal with all these illegals AND make provisions to transport their beehinds all around our country. Or is that just another coincidence like the hard drive crashes??
If I were POTUS, I could solve this VA issue with one Executive Order. It would read thus: If any VA employee, part time or full time, is caught violating the law or VA policies, they will have their assets completely liquidated and the monies from said liquidation will go to a fund for Veterans. Additionally, they will be summarily drafted into the United States Army to serve as a foot soldier for a period of 10 years. During this period they will not be eligible for promotion. They will receive fast track training and upon completion of training they will immediately replace a volunteer soldier starting with front line locations. If the employee is a Doctor, their license to practice in the USofA will be forever revoked.
I'm friends with a couple of crime investigators and I bet if the three of us were to have Lois Lerner for the weekend, we could find out all sorts of things. Sing like a Nightingale she would.
FWIW.....I understand that and you are correct. I was attempting to explain in as non-technical way as possible. Due to allocated network drive space, many companies ask users to retain important emails and save them out as .pdf's or whatever. I'm sure you know that. Server memory is not infinite. I was attempting to make the point that even if the IRS had a policy that important emails be saved by the user because it would automatically be deleted from the mail sever, it would nonetheless be saved out to the network server that has safe guards to eliminate things just going POOF into thin air. Anyhow......thanks for the correction. My bad.
I suspect someone has posted this, but in the oft chance they didn't....let's review the basic architecture of an enterprise wide email system, shall we???? At the heart we have the mail sever (big honking box with blinking lights) that has the email software, security software, firewall software and such. There's a clone of the email server that is the fail over sever should something happen. To that we add the redundency server for the primary email server and a clone of the redundency server so it has it's own back-up. To the primary email server, we connect all the PC's. The end user has three places they can store documents: 1) the PC's 'C' drive 2) their own allocated drive on the network server or 3) a shared drive on the network server. Users are cautioned to NEVER store important documents on their 'C' drive since their is no back-up, but rather store them out to a network sever that has software and redundancy to make sure stuff don't get sacrificed to the great electron god in the sky. IOW's......the IRS is a dam liar. Hey IRS.....tell a bunch of those whipper snappers out in silicon valley that her emails are gone and that no one can retrieve them. I bet they take you challenge and not only find her emails, but find the smoking gun in the OJ trial, figure out who shot JR, and discover Oswald didn't kill Kennedy.
If only the IRS would've told the truth........ The dog ate my emails.
The Great Carnac puts the envelope to his head and says: "Doood. Benghazi was like two years ago. What difference does it make". He opens the envelope and reads the question: "What does a reporter reply to Jay Carney when Jay announces the capture of one of the (suspected) Benghazi terrorist?"
And I would add to that all those folks got to the border all by themselves. They walked, hitch-hiked, whatever from God-knows-where all by their lonesome to the U.S. border. Anybody that believes that has got a very big hole in their head.
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