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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

Azera Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 12:25 PM
You know......over the last couple of days I've heard all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth from Knew Yawkkers and quite frankly, I don't know what all the who ha is about. Yoose guize elected that POS commie so deal with it. It's not like he made any bones about his liberal affiliations. BUT......if you're so outraged, do what those folks in Colorado did - recall his beehind outta office. And if you don't shut up.
Iffin' I was a Mexican drug cartel person, I would: - Track her down and shoot her mangy but - Stuff her carcus with cocaine - Ship her to the U.S. in care of some Coroner I paid off - Dig the cocaine outta her - Give her to the FBI - Collects my money
Last weekend while getting my car washed just off base (Fort Stewart), I met and talked at length with Willy - a 20+ year retired Army guy. Willy has been retired for 5 years now but still has friends in the Army. The things Willy told me ranged from shocking to ridiculous to disheartening. Equipment - Willy's buds tell him that stuff is "slap wore out". Can't get new spares cause of budget cuts. M1A1's by the hundreds aren't in running order because their part donors. Canons not useable because they've exceeded their rounds limit and have to be structurally inspect but there's no budget for testing. Troops - 50% reduction over the next 7 years. Willy says that what will be left for troops will be just a bunch of p_****_ies because you can't yell at anyone or cuss at them and if they don't wanna do morning PT they leave post and go to Starbucks and come back. And that when they are "in the field", they are allowed to leave and come back to get a shower (every day if they wish) and then return to the field. Willy's opinion is that if we had to fight a real war, we'd lose. The pay is getting worse each year and certain re-upping bonuses have been cut or eliminated. Retirees - Willy told me how they tried their best to not allow him to get his 20 years in by enticing him with lump sum payouts so he wouldn't retire and get benefits. He has friends that are being treated the same way and worse all so they don't have to give retirement benefits. Willy summed it up by saying, "You have to be desperate or a complete du_m**** to join the military like it is today."
Amen Henry. I've often said that they are their own worst enemy. I call it the blue crab syndrome. Anyone that has been crabbing or seen a bunch of blue crabs in a bucket will observe that one or two crabs will try and get out. And what do the other crabs do? Do they follow? NO! They will grab the crabs trying to get out and drag them back in.
While your criticism of police may be valid, it doesn't justify being the sole person to determine the death penalty and then carry it out on another human being. There's a process, however onerous, to rid society of bad cops. USE IT or CHANGE IT - that's what reasonable humans do. To do otherwise or to advocate or to rationalize killing a human that one doesn't know (other than they wear a uniform) shows you have little value for human life. FWIW.....my wife was a paralegal in a DA's office for over 15 years and worked with numerous attorneys both prosecutor and defendant. She also worked with hundreds of officers both city and sheriff. The stories she could tell you about bad cops are endless as well as DA's that "work the system". My wife will tell you that if she ever gets pulled over by a male cop at night, she won't leave the car before a female (preferably a supervisor) arrives. And with all she knows about how crooked cops can be, she will also tell you that they get sH***T on all the time. Their pay typically is not enough to live on. Budget cuts require they pay for their own practice ammo so they can be qualified at the gun range. And then there's the good cops who either leave or are turned by the bad guys cause they don't wanna be left hanging in a bad situation while their "backup" takes their sweet time to teach you a lesson. She can also tell you stories of how the only thing that stood between a guy having a 5 year prison sentence and probation was HER since she knew the officer and that the charges were trumped up. I bet there are at least a thousand folks that were in the wrong place at the wrong time that have her to thank for not doing time due to BS police charges. And with all that she knows - she still believes in "the system" and will tell you that on its worst day, our justice system is better than anything else on its best day.
I think this explains it very well. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/12/gangbangers_unbound.html
Our response should be to hack into one of North Korea's major computer centers. And we should use a well placed cruise missle for the hacking. That's called a skyber(tm) attack.
I'm surprise TH doesn't have anything about the Megyn Kelly interview of James Mitchell last night. It was the most revealing and fascinating intervieew I've seen in quite some time. If you don't know who James Mitchell is - in a nutshell, he's THE MAN when it came to the use of EIT on all of the high profile prisoners at GITMO. There were many take aways from the interview, but probably the most important is that just about 99% of folks that are opining (myself included) on the subject of EIT's, haven't a clue as to what their talking about nor what really happened and how the EIT's were conducted. James Mitchell cleared that up in spades. I have little doubt, that right now, some where in the world, there are plans to capture either an American citizen or an American soldier from the U.S. soil by any one number of Islamists groups to send a message - "We can reach out an touch you any time we want and you can't do anything about it". I hope that I go to my grave being wrong about this.
Additionally........ Former AG Mukasey was interviewed recently and stated that just about all EIT's were suspended by 2003 because the CIA felt like the EIT's had given them the results they needed - i.e. the GITMO r*g heads cooperation. So the EIT's were done away with. He also said that plenty of members of Congress were informed with all the nitty gritty details of the EIT's. But if you listen to the progressives and the MSM, you'd think EIT's were going on right this very minute.
This is why I watched Whale Wars show on TV so I could cheer everytime those idiots boats got run into or when any of them suffered an injury or they had self-inflicted accidents 'cause of their stupidity. Honestly - I never got what I really wanted from the show which was for some Greenpiece idjit being used to gease the propeller shaft of a boat
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