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I'm no Boehner fan, but the guy must be doing something really, really right because all the libs, progressives, communists, marxists, et.al have come out of the wood work over Bibi's visit like those nesting cockaroaches in my wood pile when I move one piece of wood.
And you know this how??? FWIW....I have friends in the Army that have been involved for quite some time with the re-building of Iraq's infrastructure, schools, etc. They tell me what we're building is 100 times better than what they had. So either they're lying to me or you're talking out your you-know-what.
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FCC Approves 'Net Neutrality' Regulations

Azera Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 5:09 PM
Excellent OPINION. And yours is just as valid as the next guy. What you fail to understand or choose not to say/accept or outright ignore altogether is that the United States Constitution has no allowance for the Federal Government to get involved in the WWW. I will pause while you research the Constitution to prove me wrong. Lemme guess - you're gonna drag out that worn out argument about the Commerce Clause. Nice try but fail. Now..... Our noble and extremely intelligent Founding Fathers handed to you and us and even to the Federal Government a remedy - it's called the amendment process. If something is so danged important that EVERYBODY thinks the Federal Government needs to get involved, we amend the Constitution to allow the Feds to do it. See how that works. What?? You say that takes too long and is too complicated?? The devil you say. That's because it was designed that way you friggin' idiot!!!!!
And another thing. :-) This is total capitulation of the highest order. Does any of the Repubs really understand what it means to be an elected Representative? It means you go to work and vote the way that the folks that elected you want you to vote. Not at the direction of some @$$_hole who could care less about the folks in your state. Those folks are suppose to represent "WE THE EFFING PEOPLE" not be loyal to a Karl Rove or other oligarch. Ohhhhh........but the best is yet to come. The FCC is getting ready to dump 3200 pages of internet regulations on WE THE PEOPLE and the dam Republicans can't do a dam thing about it. And what's so significant about this? You mark my words - their will be significant regulations concerning "fairness" when it comes to political speech and other things the FCC deems inappropriate for the world wide web. All in an effort to counter conservative talk and essentially squash the First Amendment. Here's my prognostication - there is one last stop gap measure and it is the power of the states, as authorized in Article V of the U.S. Constitution. I'll leave it to you to look it up. If that is not employed, it is game over for the great American experiment. We will become just another story in the annals of history of how a once great nation gave in to political ideologues and fell from grace. I feel certain that if the states do not band together and all but disband the Federal government, I will witness riots and lots of bloodshed.
First it was: "Give us the House and we'll let them SOB's know who's in charge. We voted the Repubs in and what? They whine about not being able to do anything 'cause they didn't have the votes in the Senate. So they said: "Give us the Senate and we'll really show them who's boss." So we gave them the Senate and what? Now their saying: "But seriously, give us the WH and then we'll really really get things done. We promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." Does anyone here really think the Republican Party has anything resembling a backbone??
....can hang around....
See ya Marco. Was nice knowing you. Once you get your @_SS handed to you in the primaries maybe......just maybe you can hand around for another shot like Tim Scott. Unfortunately - you're no Tim Scott. Hay - you could always take advantage of the relaxing regulations with Cuba and start a cigar business.
Ladies & Gentlemen......step right up to see a fine example of Kabuki Theater. Here you will see the ever strident Republicans valiantly fighting the democrats and their communist agenda. Ahhhhh.......but look closely. See that light over there? It's coming from the crack of public opinion and the MSM. Watch in amazement ladies & gentlemen how that light transforms the backbones of those manly man Republicans into a substance that can't support it's own weight. One by one, the Republicans fall. Trembling in a fetal position at the prospect that they might be criticized for daring to stand up to the HMFWBIC in the White House.
The DHS being shutdown!!!???? Oh - the horror of it all. Please explain to me how America went to work, went to school, travelled to Disney World, took flights to Europe, conducted business, etc., etc. BEFORE we had that bloated bureaucratic GW created DHS????
....The real question is when does it stop?....
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