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I have a saying that I use from time-to-time for these types of (ridiculous) complaints and it goes like this: It must be wonderful to have your life in such perfect harmony and order that you have nothing else better to do than complain about something that doesn't have any real impact on your life. I wish I had a life like that. Sadly, my life is not perfect and there's many things that I need to concentrate on in my life like my marriage, my health, my kids, etc. Oh to be like those perfect folks that have nothing else better to do than to worry about what other folks do.
sigh.......Can BHO be any more of a joke? You know who's more clueless than him? The thirty some percent in this country that thinks he's doing a good job!!
I doubt they watch Megyn & Sean. But I hear you on the issue of them and a whole host of others beating a dead horse. It's beyond ridiculous.
So where did those estimated 30M uninsured people go that the Government said just HAD to have health insurance? Seems the Government ought to go out there and force them to enroll or face jail time.
Again......follow the money. How much do you think Fisher makes and all the bureaucrats that support his office makes? Then add in all the rest of the folks that derive their living off a never ending border issue. So tell me, where is the incentive to solve the border issue when if the border issues were all solved, lots & lots of well paid folks would be out of a job. As for Fishers memo......I had to laugh at the part that said an officer should assess the size of the rock. Folks have been killed with rocks the size of marbles when launched from a slingshot. Maybe the cartels need to invest in some of those pumkin chunkin machines that can throw a pumpkin several hundred feet.
GOOD! I think no one should hold public office if 95% of the public can't even pronounce their name. Besides.....he's a dooshbag.
Her and her attorney might be stalling for time while the details of her going into the witness protection program are being worked out. I have no doubt that what she knows may preclude her ever enjoying that retirement money she's gonna get. The only trip you can take lying horizontal is a one way trip to the cemetary.
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The Libertarian Populist Future of the GOP

Azera Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 1:17 PM
The Camp Plan is the biggest crock of bull that I'm not sure where to start. But lemme give it a shot. First of all, you stand an ice cubes chance in heII of getting rid of the "crony capitalism" tax deductions that big business enjoys because they have folks lobbying for them. The flip side is that there is NOBODY to lobbying for John Q. Citizen's tax breaks. Therefore, JQC's tax breaks will be gone in a flash and it's status quo for big business. So right off the bat, you have the middle class, and some of the wealthy, getting hit with a tax increase. I call that a FAIL. Speaking of wealthy, please define that term so all of humanity knows at what point you're "wealthy". The article stated, "Worse, tax breaks overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Americans. Almost 90 percent of the state and local tax deduction (which Camp would eliminate) goes to households making over $100,000 as does 77 percent of the home mortgage deduction." Is this implying that "wealthy" people make over $100K/year? Uh......excuse me, it's not uncommon for two people to have a combined income over $100K/year and I can tell you for a fact, that ain't "wealthy". So....another FAIL. Next, let's take a trip back in time. The year is 1990. The wife & I had a combined income of around $65K. We had just bought a new home for $60K. We had loans on (2) motorcycles, a boat, one car and (2) credit cards. We weren't saving much, but we didn't live like paupers. In fact, we were living pretty dang good. Why and how were we doing that?? Because the national debt wasn't sky high so the dollar was strong. We didn't have the feds printing money or pumping (propping?) up the economy. Consumers were allowed to deduct the interest on loans thereby generating spending thus demand thus manufacturing thus jobs thus wages thus tax income. Were interest rates higher? Yes. But off-set due to tax deductions. Was income tax rates higher? Yes. But again, off-set by tax deductions. We lived dang good back then. Today, I make over $100K myself alone and my standard of living isn't any different than back in 1990 because of the overall economy. Lastly......someone please explain to me why in the heII we need to focus on taxes when the problem is as plain as the nose on your face? WE GOT A SPENDING PROBLEM! Not an income collection problem. I say we fix that first.
Did you know that if the Ukraine was in the southern hemisphere that we would be able to watch our tax payer money go down the toilet counter-clockwise??
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