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NOT A DAM THING Bee One Are Dee! None of us are doing a dam thing. We just a bunch of do-nothings just hanging out day after day posting inane comments just on the oft chance that we'll rankle the ire of someone like you. I guess that's just how we are. So on behalf of no one but myself, I thank you for pointing out that before I post anything else, I need to also post a run down of all the things I've done and are gonna do in an effort to make the political process regain some sanity.
And now.....Captain Obvious speaks: This is what happens when a government, who's suppose to derive their power from the governed, no longer fears nor cares about the governed. We have only ourselves to blame. Because while each of us works tirelessly at our jobs and at being good parents, folks in Washington work tirelessly to figure out ways to derive their power NOT from the governed, but create their own power.
@Henry the vee eye, eye, eye..... "If you liked the first movie, you won't be disappointed by the second. I learned things about our history that I didn't know with 2 degrees in history...it seems the lib professors and the lib history books forgot to mention the fact that there were more than a few black antebellum plantation owners....and some were black women." If you'd like a good, but short read, I suggest a book titled 'Slavery in Mississippi'. It was a required read when I took Mississippi History at Ole Miss. I think it was required 'cause the professor (for get his name) was the author and, as I was told, was the most noted historian about slavery in not just Mississippi, but many of the southern states. It was an eye opener for me and everyone in the class. Since almost 30 years has passed since I took the class, I'm sure political correctness has driven either him or the book or both from the campus of Ole Miss. Dam shame about the truth of some elements of slavery in America when it doesn't fit the narrative.
LOL.....now that's funny right there.
If your second to last sentence was the litmus test, you wouldn't be posting anything on here
I have to agree with you. HeII.....even this Boehner suit will give BHO a bump in his favorability ratings since you can already hear the sympathy whinnings of our first Black President being sued by a bunch of white racists. It won't be long before the race pimps get wound up and say cr*p like, "the next thing those racist Republicans arre gonna do is find a tree to hang BHO just like they did back in the day."
Uhhhhhh..........helllllloooooo.......Earth to Boehner..... You cannot sue God.
And I can attest to this since I know his family pretty well since I'm distantly related to his family. He's just a good 'ol redneck boy from Kiln, MS that made good in proball. But as a person?? That's another story. He almost died when he was drinking and driving and crashed his car. His bud didn't fare as well - he died. Brett never spent any time in jail for that. His family is like so many others in south Mississippi - they talk about freedom, the flag, God and apple pie and then go into the voting booth and pull the Democrat lever. They're all a bunch of dam closet Dem hypocrits.
And the best part of the Fair Tax is...... It abolishes the IRS.
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