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This is something. I find myself agreeing with you completely. Quite frankly I did not know anyone else even though that. That has been my point for years now. Thank you!
I did not vote for him or support him in his last election. I did in 08, but I had to, like so many others, hold my nose. How he thinks he can win again is a mystery to me at least.
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Democrat's "Bush Did It Too" Fan Page

AZ Don Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 3:45 PM
Wrong doing cannot be justified by stating someone else did it also. If you murder someone get accused of murder and claim well OJ did it too and he got away it. Makes no sense does it? Just a very childish statement. Like “well it is you fault you made me do it.” On second thought however, it sounds rather liberal progressive doesn’t it? Like some of the excuses obama used in the first term.
Sorry gruber we know what you said is how you really feel. So your apology means nothing and excuses nothing. It is not accepted!
The fact that there is no direct link to a terrorist group does not in any stretch of the imagination mean this attack was not terrorism it is either that or an all out war on Christianity (of course both is not out of the realm of reality) by members of Islam. Same goes for “all” the attacks perpetrated anywhere in North America and/or the world. To say it is not, as obama has done, is pure folly or ignorance take your pick. A perfect example, as we all know, is the massacre at Fort Hood. This president dreams and hopes for those dreams to be reality. He has proven time and time again he not an adult and certainly not capable enough to run a nation like America. I guess we now know what hope and change meant. Now on to figure out fundamental transformation! Is a caliphate in Americas future? That is where these terrorists wish to take us and with, it seems, our presidents blessing. At the very least he does not condemn them. However, he is decisive after all he did speak up immediately to declare the Police acted stupidly. But then had a beer party to solve the error in his judgement and smoothe things out. If, in fact, obama is the best the progressives had to offer, and he must be they elected him twice, they are going to be in considerable trouble finding another candidate to run. They hit the bottom of the barrel with him. So I guess that puts hillary below obama.
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The Petro-States in Shambles Despite Obama

AZ Don Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 4:11 PM
The price at the pumps is coming down not because of obama but in spite of him and his polices. But for two more years he will stick to his strategy of no drilling (or fracking) on government land. The Canadian pipeline will never happen under this obama administration, so there is no reason to harp on it unless there are so many in congress in favor of it a veto can be overridden. Firing read in November is even more imperative now. Consequently his next move will be to somehow limit production here on private land and that will possibly come through the EPA, they currently do his bidding. Without read as the leader in the Senate however, it may not be possible. Furthermore, there will be many unfavorable steps taken after the November election regarding tax increases and fees associated with ACA, count on that, so that the economy cannot recover because his policies will keep it down. NOT withstanding the above obama will, as he has done before, take credit for and claim his policies are the reason for the lower price and therefore he brought down the price of gasoline at the pumps. Some liberal progressive democrats will agree and see him as brilliant which is no change from the last five plus years. They however, are blinded by ignorance of reality.
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NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS

AZ Don Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 1:30 PM
And this guy is a professor? Of what ignorance?
What these idiots are doing is (at least) attempting to use a fact to perpetrate a lie. Let me explain. It is ridiculous for anyone to think the earths atmosphere is or could be static. It is not it is dynamic. No one can deny there is climate change it has been going on since the beginning of the earths atmosphere. Consequently, it goes through periods of warming and cooling. Guess what, that is change. So that is the fact now the fiction. It is man made! It is also influenced by CO2 to a degree it presents a problem. However the truth is it is not man made and less then eight one thousandths of one percent (provable) is the effect of CO2 on temperature. If climate change has been around for tens of thousands of years (a conservative estimate) and cars, along with industry are the primary contributors of CO2, which have only been around for a little over a hundred years, what caused it all those thousands of years ago. Like any other fictitious story there are additions to it to make it look good (Sometimes lies need a little assistance to be more believable). Therefore, they added the polar bear story (sympathy) and the ice cap stories (fear) to support the man made lie. Those perpetrating this lie also proclaim support by an extreme majority of scientists. That too is untrue, or perhaps just fantasizing on the libs part. They do have mass support but not from the actual scientists. These facts have been presented by a scientist, Don Easterbrook, and his research, that he will share, is all the proof needed. Everything is referenced and has not been disputed to date by any reputable scientist. I am not however, naive enough to think any liberal progressive will listen to reason any more about climate change/global warming then they listen to facts about guns. So way do I respond to BS like this. Well this is not for the libs, I know I can’t change their demented mind, this is for Americans who can still think for themselves. That fact alone eliminates liberal progressives! The link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LkMweOVOOI&feature=player_embedded
You are not wrong!
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