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Washington's First Fourth

AZ Don Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 11:30 AM
Washington was one of many great men in that time. Washington was however the perfect first president, he loved this nation and the freedoms and opportunities it presented its citizens. The system of governing prescribed in the constitution of these United States had never before been nurtured by any nation. And although considered an experiment at the time it has flourished for over 238 years, until, that is, obama came along and promised fundamental transformation. Which it now appears will do away with both the constitution and the free enterprise system that has successfully guided this nation for all those years. Replace it with a system that has proven failure over and over again throughout hundreds of years of history. And we, the American citizen, is ignorantly allowing him to succeed without even a fight. I suggest he will not prevail!
Everyone knows or should when things are good you prepare for things to get worse. It is called saving for a rainy day! They also know during peace time you do not disarm but prepare for a coming conflict. That is the way a nation stays strong economially and peacefully. Strength guarantees peace while freedom guarantees economic success. These two cases are the best way to ward off problems when those times come and they almost always will. History tells us that, for those who study and understand history. The obama administration is having a difficult time surviving (it can’t be called leading or flourishing) in somewhat peaceful times (relative to WWI, WWII and Nam) and he has caused his own economic disaster during what could be considered potentially good times. His administration is an administration of force. That never works! Because of his policies this so called recession has lingered now for nearly eight years. The longest “recession” in our history. What happens to his economic plan (if he actually has such a thing) if something like the depression, or worse, should occur? He can’t influence good times now. All the restrictions now placed on businesses is of his making (ACA plus others) and if something should happen like the depression it would or could be catastrophic to say the least. All the socialistic fixes put in place by FDR will also fail because of the extreme debt obama has run up. Welfare states cannot exist during depressions and prolonged recessions without nation destroying debt to the point obama has expanded them. The welfare state also cannot exist for any length of time in an open border environment as we currently have. He is running up trillion dollar debts each year in somewhat good times what happens when they start going wrong which they are about to do. Soon! In the final analysis debt will be the culprit that destroys this once great nation if something is not soon done about it. Therefore, every president since Calvin Coolidge (he was the last president to actually decrease and pay down the debt) shares some responsibility. The last two however, have run up debt to the extreme. Therefore, it should be obvious our problems are not left or right they are American problems. Only Americans will solve them, real Americans the kind that love freedoms that we have been afforded by our constitution and the free enterprise system. Not the ones who want to control other Americans. However, the fact we currently have a president that seems to desire to divide us, racially ethnically, religiously and does not want us to work together to fix these problems makes me think he may have a different goal for America then the rest of us who are real true Americans. Therefore we, all of us, need to pay close attention to what is happening to our once great nation if we are to preserve the freedoms our constitution guarantees to provide us.
I seems the new by-word among the liberal progressives is “better to beg forgiveness then seek permission.” However, perhaps you folks in Colorado have a little more forgiving attitude then I do but he would never be forgiven if it were me. He is taking away you right to self protection. And no matter what anyone tells you the police are not obligated to protect you (according to a supreme court decision). So just where does that leave you folks in Colorado? Stuck between self protection and breaking a law and maybe going to jail for it. If the man is that stupid how is it he is your governor. You may want to consider that when election time comes around.
You are absolutely correct. I will never understand why liberal progressives cannot see the only thing that prevents violence is a threat of retaliation. Just as the only guarantee of peace for any nation is strength to fight any transgression or infringement of that peace. If any nation wants war all it has to do is disarm and war will come. Same way with violent crime. Disarming the citizens never ever prevents robberies but allowing the citizens to be armed “does.” It was discovered centuries ago out here in the west an armed society is a polite society. It still is! I have no idea why the exact opposite is the progressive approach. How can anyone be such a slow learner. The facts speak for themselves and are both obvious and available to everyone. But it takes effort to find them. Who do bullies not pick on the big strong athlete but instead look for the old, weak and defenseless people. Answer that and all the other answers become obvious to anyone with common sense. The “only” thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
So do you give up? Surrender? Not me! When the going gets tought the tought get going.
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Half of Illinois Wants to Escape the State

AZ Don Wrote: May 06, 2014 9:05 AM
Big government nurtures, and harbors corruption, that is why liberal progressives support big government. The bigger the more corrupt. Small government is much easier to monitor and control and therefore there is much less corruption. Of course there are many other reasons large government(s) are corrupt like wrong doing is much easier to explain away corruption as obama has been doing for five years in a very large government. I did not know that or I found out when you did on the nightly news. No one told me are just some of the excuses used by leaders and justified by the supporters of the corrupt politicians. The explanation of ignorance is acceptable in a large government. We have to look no farther then the current administration for all the examples we could ever need. It is everywhere within the whole government complex. But it is now ignored. It also seems it is growing by leaps and bounds as if we did not know any corrupted government, as we are now experiencing, cannot last. It will “evolve” into something much much worse. History proves this.
Who, may I ask, do you think elected and reelected him? They did. So long young so late smartz.
Looks like that is a lesson for you folks in Texas. Just as in the computer world garbage in garbage out, put garbage in the House or Representatives and get garbage out of the House. Replace her with someone who knows a little something. She is just one example of what we Americans have in our government. No wonder we are slipping into an abyss!
This president will never do any of the things listed here to help improve any Americans lot, as long as he is in office. That is not his goal! We here in the United States of America have been saddled with, “correction,” the liberal progressive communistic (fascist?) democrats have put forth on this nation the most unqualified, self centered, corrupt, narcissistic, ignorant, person as our nations president we have ever had the misfortune to have in that position. It is no longer possible to ignore his ignorance even for those who put him in that position with their support. Saying he is intelligent is not even remotely possible to believe anymore. We as a nation have had over five years to witness first hand how intelligent he is! He has destroyed everything he has touched so far! He is continuing to destroy lives everyday, how long can we just set back and allow this narcissist to do this to our once great nation? The things obama is destroying may take decades or even longer perhaps a century, or longer, to correct. I would say if it is even possible, but in America anything and everything was possible in the pre-obama era. He has set back nearly two hundred years of progress (even if progressivism is supposed to instill progress obama is proof it doesn’t) everything in America has been set back at least one hundred fifty years especially race relations. Why can’t they, the other blacks, see that? Oh I know ones like Allen West, Charles Payne and the good doctor see it but millions of others on the handouts do not. They in essence sold their soul to the devil and will someday reap the results. obama has destroyed jobs, the economy, healthcare and businesses to the extent some may never be repaired and that has been his intent from the very beginning. He told us about his planned fundamental transformation and his supporters cheered and fainted in aw. The real question we should be asking ourselves in the final analysis is; will America ever be a secure, free Constitutional Republic again, with a successful free enterprise system that allows for the middle class pursuing the American dream or are we Americans doomed to a life of servitude under a progressive communistic or fascist dictatorship? We have already suffered a decrease in our standard of living like has not been seen since the great depression (during both the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations).
Your doing it again just saying something does not make it true. I guess you will never learn. Do you live in a world of make believe?
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