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Jeb may be the best of the Bushes but what does that mean? It is not hard to be the best when the others are extremely bad. So that may make him mediocre at best. That is not what America needs right now. If there is a Bush and or a Clinton (or both) in this election it will set record lows for turnout. Americans do not support nor want dynasties. NO MORE BUSHES OR CLINTON’S. What we need now is someone who puts the nation first above all else! I suspect I should also add no more OBAMA’S as well. Right now I don’t think obama could win an election to be a water boy. I supported Romney last time and was disappointed when he acted like he did not want the job and more or less gave the election to obama after the first debate. Consequently, I personally do not trust him to fight like he has a pair against whoever the opposing candidate is. I am also getting tired of voting for the lessor of two evils. No more. If this nation is to, not just survive, but prosper as it once did we must elect a patriot once again. Whoever the next president is they are going to have a horrific job to do after two Bush’s a Clinton and now the worst one yet obama, have everything so screwed up it is about to collapse!
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Obama Bails Out Boehner On Spending Bill

AZ Don Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 8:14 AM
Why is it suddenly the bills have to be so large? Seems to me they never get read and understood so how can any ever get passed? Why would any congressman or women who desires to do the job they were hired for not read a bill? Can anything good become of not reading these bills? Did they not learn anything with the ACA? What we need is a law (ruling) that all bills MUST be read and understood before a vote can be made on that bill. Nothing should ever become law in a nation who declares itself to be a Constitutional Republic (free nation) and neither a dictatorship or monarchy without the knowledge of what is in the bill by those who are responsible for its passage. Passing a bill into law without reading it is similar to driving a car with your eyes shut!
It appears they are all liars. How could, or perhaps a better question is, why should anyone believe anyone within this administration about anything. If someone says one thing over twenty times and then says he did not mean it or was less then truthful which should be believed? Short answer neither! Just label that person as a liar and ignore him from that point on. The real question that should be asked when referring to obama and his henchmen is who is it that believes an accomplished compulsive liar? The answer is quite simple, other liars (progressive democrats). Certainly no one who believes in honesty, truthfulness and reliability (without honesty and truthfulness there is no reliability). Without respect for the fellow man none of these exist. The current president has respect for no one, he sees himself as a God of some kind and thinks it is he who should be worshiped. He is wrong!
Total bull puky I flew for 38 years. The earth is twenty five thousand miles around. Three quarters of it is water. Two things control the ambient air temperature, the water (including water vapor) and the sun. CO2 does not increase the air temperature by any measurable amount (about eight thousandths of a degree). Provable fact. Climate change exists because the earth is dynamic not static. Man made climate change does NOT exist. Man made global warming is a scam by governments (and scam artists like al gore) to bleed citizens of money. Nothing more nothing less. The ignorant are sucked in like the fools they are. It seems common sense is no longer common. The antarctic ice cap is not melting, polar bears are thriving. The scam is not working because the lies are beginning to be seen as lies by more and more (intelligent) people daily.
The only reason Schumer said this is because it cost progressives Senate seats and he is afraid it will again in 16, right along with the presidency. Your right chuck it will, feel anything slipping? These guys who voted for the ACA were not considering what was best for the nation only what they thought was best for their party and them. They were wrong. Schumer points out now what conservatives pointed out five years ago, 85% of Americans were satisfied with the health insurance coverage they had. But the democrats refused to listen. Most conservatives saw right through the bill and refused to vote for it. The progressives on the other hand “never read it or understood it and voted to pass it anyway. Because they did not care if it helped the people. Who thinks that is doing the job they were put in office to do? Anyone? As long as we the people elect people who do not have the peoples welfare in mind this type of thing will be the outcome. In other words as long as we continue to elect progressive communists what we now have we will always have. Furthermore, electing people who have to hide their background is stupid or worse, perhaps self destructive! The ACA has so many included regulations there is no way it and the economy can prevail. It must be repealed for this once great nation to get back on track. Furthermore, it appears that means conservatives will have to be elected. The current administration is eliminating freedoms, even those guaranteed within our Bill of Rights. How can Americans who proclaim to love this nation allow such a thing to happen. Why do they look the other way? It IS the very people who look upon what obama has done and promised to do that will pay a very high price right along with the rest of us. They are just to ignorant to see it. Because they are now pacified with handouts. That cannot and will not continue.
This is something. I find myself agreeing with you completely. Quite frankly I did not know anyone else even though that. That has been my point for years now. Thank you!
I did not vote for him or support him in his last election. I did in 08, but I had to, like so many others, hold my nose. How he thinks he can win again is a mystery to me at least.
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Democrat's "Bush Did It Too" Fan Page

AZ Don Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 3:45 PM
Wrong doing cannot be justified by stating someone else did it also. If you murder someone get accused of murder and claim well OJ did it too and he got away it. Makes no sense does it? Just a very childish statement. Like “well it is you fault you made me do it.” On second thought however, it sounds rather liberal progressive doesn’t it? Like some of the excuses obama used in the first term.
Sorry gruber we know what you said is how you really feel. So your apology means nothing and excuses nothing. It is not accepted!
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