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Golf is Scottish, and whats an American sport?. All your major sports were invented by non-Americans.
Boring and tedious. Sorry, are we talking about baseball or 'football'?. Now, there is 4 hrs of tedium.
Never understood that argument. Its a sport invented by the English and Scots and whose history is one of Northern European domination.
F baseball (an English game based on a sport designed for English girls called rounders) and gay padded rugby, sorry, NFL.
No, its great to watch, even better in a stadium.
At least the winners are truly world champs, unlike the laughable calls of the SB, NBA and WS winners as 'world champions'.
Probably out playing the REAL version of 'football', rugby.
Cultural superiority? Since when?.
I do, when the alternative is to watch baseball or NFL, sorry, gay rugby.
Mate, in a top level soccer match, you will get 30-40 shots at goal a game. Where did this no shots myth come from?. If anything is obvious with American soccer haters, its the utter lack of knowledge of the sport they hate. So they spew a lot of myths.
Utter rubbish, mate. Take this WC for example: its been full of nothing but attacking games, great games with teams trying to win, and the WC so far has been drenched in goals. The same holds for the domestic soccer leagues around the world.
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