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Where the States Stand on Obamacare

AYKAY-47 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 6:43 PM
I am sure you are right about this Jerry. I've been thinking about that too. There's no other explanation. They have something on Boehner, too. He screwed some girl sometime probably. You aren't in that town for that long without screwing up. Axelrod is the epitome of a silken-tongued Mafioso. Telling Gallup that time "It would be a real shame about your poll if something were to happen."
The American Action Forum has put together a comprehensive map of where each state stands on some of Obamacare's key provisions: creating federally-regulated health insurance exchanges and dramatically expanding Medicaid rolls on the federal government's request. The map updates often, but here's where each state stands now:

The state that may surprise conservatives is New Mexico, where Republican Gov. Susana Martinez has acquiesced on both a health insurance exchange and on expanding Medicaid rolls. Martinez, who was considered a leading candidate for Mitt Romney's VP slot last year, became only the...