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Obama's Terrifying Tax Trick

awootton Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 11:50 PM
I keep one central thing at the front of my mind at all times when reading political news. Between the state (CA) and the feds I pay 40% in taxes. My dear old dad (a doctor) has been telling me for decades "when they go for more money it's always from people like us". When I talked to him on fathers day he said "so, you are a 1%er ha ha". Actually, I am not. Still, if I could have the money I pay in taxes ($100,000/year) I could fund schools. I could pay health insurance for the old people in my family. I could and would invest in local business and banks. I don't NEED my money except to buy some nerdy computer stuff once in a while. ALL of my money is spent on my family. I drive a used honda. I'm a smart guy. I know what to do.
awootton Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 12:00 AM
In my extended family half a million dollars disappeared in 2008. There are worthy children who are not going to college because of that. For me it's not just a political debate because it's PERSONAL.

A common theme since the Occupy Wall Street pageants commenced last year has been that Democrats and more specifically the President somehow represent the 99% and that Republicans only support the 1 %. This misguided thinking is aided and abetted by the Administration and mainstream media which continuously and purposely try to divert attention from the real issues that are Nation is suffering from (issues where President Obama’s track record is weak at best).

The President would have Americans focus on themes that have no impact on the economic wellbeing of middle and lower class families. Sideshow...

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