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"Let's Talk About the Violence in the Inner Cities"

AWLways_andForever Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 10:21 PM
Original Saepe_Expertus Wrote: 48 minutes ago (9:22 PM) AWL...having lived in Lake Charles....that prehistoric fish you mention is a 'choupique' . Like a cross between a catfish and a moray eel! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of my jabs as a skipper with the Corps of Eng, over the years, was to bring 'Survey' crews out to the boonies. We would tow their skiff w/ 35 HP Outboard out in the swamps as far as we could get with my little 45' - 4 ' draft 'survey boat and they would take off for the day. I'm very familiar with 'Shoe-Pic' and Gar Balls. lololol These Coonasses used to use large Vice-Grips and other Heavy Duty tools to struggle with skinning a Gar. In the end, I must say that without tons of seasoning, most of this seafood
AWLways_andForever Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 10:24 PM
Shrimp & Oyster excepted.

Take a few Crawfish and cook them as you would a Lobster. Enough to make ya puke. lololol

Don't Get me Wrong. The Chow here is Far Better than any of the Bland Offerings I grew up on. ( Sorry ! Gramma )
AmyDB Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 10:27 PM
your MeeMaw is gonna whup you with a skillet Awl

NRA News has released the first episode from their newest contributor Colion Noir, a young man who grew up in Houston. Noir is the first of many new, young and diverse commentators for NRA News. Noir's debut was announced a few weeks ago, sparking outrage among elites like Russell Simmons who told Noir on Twitter he has "no idea why" he would do a video for the NRA. Simmons went so far as saying Noir was being "used" by the NRA.

In his first episode, Noir takes on the gun violence problem in America's inner cities and the...

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