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It's beginning to Smell Like DESPERATION In Here
That's Nuttin' ! I'm raising money to fund a Hard Cash Bounty on the Heads Of Libtwats like you.
Taurus PT111 G2 Compact 9mm Pistol Giveaway - Gunblast.com And Doan Fergit DOUG GILES AR-15 GIVEAWAY Double Barrel Biden, Rape Whistle Salazar and My AR-15 Giveaway By Doug Giles (Feb 24, 2013)
Doan Chew Worry 'Bout a Thing, Rosie Just go ahead an' burn up that keyboard
She's Lunchin' At the 'Y'.
http://www.tactical-life.com/online/news/veterans-kicked-out-of-bar-because-of-service-dogs/?hp=news_title DO click on the video link KSAT dot com
ALL Standoffs with the Government, end in conflagration. ALWAYS ! Symbionese Liberation Army - Ruby Ridge - Waco - Philadelphia John Africa/MOVE (1985) and of course, Christopher Dorner The Old ' they're sexually abusing children in there ' is another oft used favorite of our Brave Men & Women in Uniform.
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