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AuschwitzSilverBack Too bad that Pig Mama of yours couldn't have scored a drop of that Primo Caucasian semen you crave. maybe you wouldn't have turned out so knuckle draggin' stupid and ugly
I can't imagine O'Reilly and Nugent across the table from each other without punches being thrown.
You know, after the shellackin' O'Reilly has taken over this his Type-A will kick in and he will emerge as the # 1, undisputed World Harvard Educated Authority on Assault Weapons. He has probably already hired the Top Gun Geeks of the Free World and assembled an arsenal that would make Ted Nugent weep. Speaking of Nugent, I have never seen him on Bill's Show. lolol
I'm Not Without Empathy He wants to be White and he wants to be a Man. He will Never be either
It's hard to believe that Giles doesn't have enough 'cred' with the incompetent touchholes that manage TownHall, to get something done about this. I'll still give $1.k to anyone who can provide his address.
Amy & lemmi I can't argue with your logic, but if we can't get rid of rikker and his butt boy USC, then I might as well try to find a way to infuriate them. BTW Notice the disproportionate number of the Most Racist demographic in America are the ones who are doing the most vandalism here ? When Will we take the Gloves Off and Deal With Them ?
AuschwitzLawnJockey Seems to think Filthy Sexual Jokes about the Giles Girls and the Palin Daughters are OK. ( Africans have always had an Animal Obsession with Sex ) So ! I guess the Gloves are Off with those two little Tarts in the White Crib. Though Shanisha & Malika are Homely enough to Stop a Freight Train, the Filipino Busboys have been wearing out the Back Stairs to the WH Kitchen. It Be Ghetto Lovin' Ow Nite Long.
AuschwitzLawnJockey Puffs The White Owl
She keeps him in a Petri Dish in the Fridge
AGetsARash !!! Are you watching your Brahs Beat Each Others Heads In On the Olympics ?
That will never happen Shut Down the RTA and they are just Drunks In Da Hood
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