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GEEZUS !!! You guys pick up trolls like the crabs. Where did this new queef NiggerYellowCack come from ?
That's Right and the FBI has nothing whatsoever to do with ANY of it. It is the solely the bailiwick of BATF
There IS video of that incident. ( sorry ! I don't have a link )
Chaffetz seemed to be taken aback by Bill's complete ignorance of the subject. As the interview progressed, he looked genuinely embarrassed for BillO
He still be a garden tool
Looks like rikkers Caption_Organ laptop ran out of juice
AGetsARash Why don't you Hook Up with AuschwitzLawnJockey ? You could never bare his children, of course, butt you could ride him like the $2, Ho he is, all round The Hog Butcher To The World
But don't despair You Misssissippi Blue Gummed Thourough Breds are hard to come by
Too Bad You missed out on the 'bi-racial' thang, rikker
AuschwitzSilverBack Too bad that Pig Mama of yours couldn't have scored a drop of that Primo Caucasian semen you crave. maybe you wouldn't have turned out so knuckle draggin' stupid and ugly
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