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Signatures on WH’s Gun Control Petition Skyrocket

AWLkrakatoa Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 8:16 AM
When Congress passed the 10 round magazine capacity limit in '94 the ink wasn't dry before Schumer/Feinstein began moving for a 3 round limit. ANY way given by Gunnies is seen as a sign of weakness by them and is to be exploited.
Six04 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 9:39 AM
Didn't the 94' gun laws expire 8 years ago?
AWLkrakatoa Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 10:31 AM
September 13, 2004

federal law 'sunsets' 10 years after it is passed.

it must be argued from scratch to become permanent

A gun control petition submitted to the White House’s powerful online petition site, ‘We the People,' shortly after the CT massacre quickly surpassed the number of signatures required to get an official administration response. As of writing, the number of signatures reached 119,505 (and is growing by the minute), far exceeding the 25,000 required. The petition states:

The goal of this petition is to force the Obama Administration to produce legislation that limits access to guns. While a national dialogue is critical, laws are the only means in which we can reduce the number of people murdered...