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No Republicans Here You Idiot We Eat Republicans For Lunch
Everbuddy Hoo Wanna Pop raving's Eye Owt An' Skullfuk 'im, Say Eye !
I want to pop your eye out and skullfuk ya
Jerry ! What do YOU call repeating the Exact Same posting THREE TIMES on ONE PAGE ? Inquiring Minds Want To Know
I'm gonna put mine in Your Cranium
You Saw Those Union Goons In Michigan Last Week ? Teachers are On a Par with them. Still Want Teachers Packin' Heat ? Not Around MY Kids
Tell us what it is you like about 'bagging'.
Well, I predicted a Landslide Victory for Romney, so I'll jump right in and predict a MAJOR BACKFIRE if he comes out for More GUN CONTROL
He doesn't answer all those e-mails ?
Does anyone else here have to 'refresh the page' 10 to 15 times to get their comment to post ?
I had me some FUN after Hurricane Katrina No looting in MY Hood
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