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I wish he hadn't shot his sleeping mother in the face to get her guns. If you're crazy, I guess that's easy
September 13, 2004 federal law 'sunsets' 10 years after it is passed. it must be argued from scratch to become permanent
Bring It ! I've Got My Assault Weapon A D-Cell Battery in the End of a Gym Sock And I'm Itchin' Ta Wail on a libqueef
Apparently MSNBC is the Self-Appointed Drum Major for what they think will be the final Dagger To The Heart of The 2nd Amendment All Their Coverage is about Gun Control. Non-Stop 24/7 One Anti Gun Guest after another is Paraded Out, without any opposition Many of these people, including the MSNBC Anchors, Work and Live under Armed Security
Access to the NRA's Live TV and Radio is NOWHERE to be found on their expensive website. as a Life Member, I can not access them through their ' Contact Us' button without providing my official membership number. I don't have a clue where it is. What if I wasn't a member ? No Questions entertained ?
It's not just the political elites. The Media Elites like Don Imus ( NYC Concealed Carry Holder ) and Joe Scarborough have been railing all morning about Ban The Assault Weapon. They work under Armed Security everyday and They live on the Upper West Side, Central Park West with 24/7 Armed Secuity
Feinstein herself carries a pearl handled snub nose .38. She readily admits it
No one is ' hiding behind the 2nd Amendment' or anything else, rgama I'll meet you in broad daylight and cave your ignorant head in with Facts
you're you illiterate touchhole
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