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rikker be savin' up da change he steal from Mama's purse. He wanna Assult Wepon, too
Mother of 4 -- the original Wrote: 33 minutes ago (2:36 PM) DTO, you said, "... it would make it a hell of a lot harder for them to do it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If blacks had to do more than squeeze a trigger to kill someone, the ghetto would have the lowest murder rate this side of rikker's hometown. Zongo, Congo
You sound so sincere right after a facial, rikker
C-SPAN II Book TV: After Words 12:00 pm EST " Living With Guns " by Craig Whitney The NYT hated this book, so it must be good
WIPE YO CHIN, rikker
A Pound Of Crack & A MAC-10 to All the ENTITLED Stand Back After A Week Round Up The Survivors
FlushRush aka rikker is in early to Puff Dougie's WHITE OWL
The guy wuz wearin' a HOODIE ! Is Dat Raaaaaaaaaaaacisss ?
That still doesn't explain why the column was yanked.
Last Saturday Night, the Doug Giles Column appeared, right on Time at Midnight. About 45 min later it disappeared. It also was yanked from his website, Did any of Ya'll ever find out what happened ? Did any of Ya'll even notice ? dat wut i tought
What this newspaper did, was yet another act of aggression and violence against law abiding Patriots. If we don't start reacting in kind, we will soon cease to exist. Kill Chris Matthews !
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