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10 Facts for Liberals: Why Gun Control Can't Stop Another Newtown Massacre

AWLkabong Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 9:27 PM
. . . holster and was riding a brand new $3500. Mountain Bike. I stuck the muzzle of said Bushy under his chin. Round chambered. Safety off. Finger on trigger. He said his name was Andre'. I told him I would shoot him in the head without further warning if I saw him again. I let him leave WITH the pistol. I was afraid if I tried to take it, he would do something stupid and tragic. I'm an old man and I didn't want to have to hoist him up to my tailgate and rive him down the street to the dumpster. Stink and Flies, Doancha Know ?

There are now calls from the Left for gun control legislation in response to Adam Lanza's unconscionable mass killing of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary. However, very few people seem to be asking the most basic question of all before getting started: What gun control legislation could have stopped Adam Lanza?

The answer is "none."

Let's consider a few alternatives:

1) The school was already a "gun free zone;" so obviously that wasn't effective. Of course, the sort of people who would respect a "gun free zone" in the first place are the very ones you wouldn't have to worry...