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Why Another Terroristan?

AWLHATTIN_OH_KADDLE Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 7:23 AM
There are other technologies that counter that. I was banned yesterday, by some puke phony conservative that doesn't believe in the first amendment. It took me all of five minutes to log back on. Also, there is the problem of young kids, fresh out of school with Libslut tendencies, running TH. They were brainwashed for 16 years or so in Lib ideology. They cannot bring themselves to ban the likes of Sybil or USC or rikker. On the other hand, they are easily led by crusty old wh ores, older that their grandfathers, who have nazi control freak tendencies.

You could not have a better example of moral equivalence than a column written by Steve Clemons in The Atlantic Magazine’s online version. Clemons reviews the always interesting history of President Harry Truman’s bold decision in 1948 to defy the State Department—and especially his hand-picked Sec. of State, Gen. George C. Marshall. Truman had said that Gen. Marshall was the greatest living American. He said that, perhaps to the irritation of his running mate, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, when the largely unknown Missouri senator was thrust onto the ticket in 1944. FDR may have had his own ideas as...