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'As soon as they get over it, we can all move on.' We WILL move on, weather they get over it or not.
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Circus of the Vagina-gogues

AWLHATTIN_OAK_ADDLE Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 7:57 AM
Hockey Mom Wrote: 5 hours ago (2:14 AM) I must have missed that one Awl. Got a link to it? ~~~~~~~~~~~
No Dolly ! They want Free Stuff. Blacks don't do Anything without Free Stuff.
White Owl Puffer
USC is a homosexual
wesren is USC The ballbag suckin, dingleberry munchin' Soros online seminar trained website spam Vandal. He posts in sets of 3. Comment - Reply - Reply That way YOUR rebuttal goes under the 'More Comments' Bar. He often posts these Sets Of 3, End to End, Over and Over so as to push 30 or 40 of YOUR comments off the page. As you can plainly see, USC is quite typical of African Americans. He has stated that he hates White People and that is why he delights in coming here and wrecking this website.
Matthews' Leg Be TINGLIN'
Cavvie You seem to think yourshit will be written in stone
Desert is served on MSNBC
Looking At Those People in the Audience I'd Like To Gas That Whole Joint
Yeah ! Brah He Be Awesum aw day ever day
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