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Our Resident Race Baiters TinTouchhole2, Bill904 & Co are Nowhere to be Found on these threads, this morning. With several of today's columns on the subject of Race, one would think it to be a Target Rich Environment for these Smear Merchants.
Tittens ! What about that Cheshire Cat sitting to Ryan's Right ?
Amy Tonight's new columns are lousy with articles about race. TinTouchhole 2, Bill904 and all the other Race Bait Ho's will be in for a rough day.
' Morning Joe ' is always a Lib Gagfest. All the same, tomorrow morning should be interesting.
Catch The Pulse Of The Prols ' Call-In for Debate Reaction ' on C-SPAN 1:00 AM EST
That Big Dumbas Smile, at the most inappropriate time will play over and over again all weekend
He's is really agitated. A Sure Sign that he knows Biden Lost. He would have spittle all over his chin if he thought otherwise
GEEZUS ! WuttTwat
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