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Drones rikker from him Mama Back Bedroom
Damn ! I haven't scanned all 1000 comments, but I'm disappointed that there hasn't been One Kind Word for Linsay's SUUUUEEET Pair O' Teats.
What makes you think you won't be on a respirator In the ICU Later Tonight ?
rikker Worships At The Crack Of Don
Plano Blue ? Valarie ?
I believe TinTouchhole2 has that copywrited
Anybuddy ( besides me ) having trouble with Adobe Flash Player ?
This Queef is obviously some little snotfag pecking away with one hand from is Mommies basement.
SW GAL'S cousin found the guy that was buggin' her in no time. They didn't bother to call the cops. It was a Nose to Nose deal, in a parking lot. lololol Now, I hear he can't even hold spoon. let alone wipe hisass.
I wish someone would pull this liddlebastard .2-er's teeth out with a pair of pliers. I'm sick of looking at his cap every day. If anyone has his addy, I got some biker friends that love that stuff. They'd even video it for our viewing pleasure.
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