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Our guns will be no match for military strength but at least we would go down fighting, we won't give them up like fools have done in the past.
I like your article but to be credible you should provide your calculations. It is harldy sufficient to call them "back of the envelope" and expect readers to accept your argument as rigorous.
The first step the RNC should take is to get rid of Priebus. Let someone more charismatic take his place. I can't figure out why he is still there.
LOVE this, so true. We just need to stand on our principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.
Dear Colin Powell, With Republicans like you, who needs Democrats? Please, just leave our party already. You don't belong here.
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Crashing Resolve and American Dream

awilcox Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 11:06 AM
Gordon1979, I am a conservative Republican and I can see where you are coming from. I sometimes think that the Republicans should give the Democrats all the tax rate hikes they want, just to prove it won't solve anything. The problem is that Republicans are the party of limited government and low taxes (or at least they should be), and none of them were elected to OK a tax hike. So if they give in, they will feel like they are not doing their job. It could be that they will be perceived as obstructionist (which in reality that is exactly what they are supposed to do here - if that means standing on their principles) and if their constituents don't like what they are doing then we will of course get voted out.
Oh yeah, but too bad this was on Piers Morgan which nobody watches.
From one of your constituents and a proud conservative, Thank you Senator Feinstein for voicing support for Israel and standing with what is right.
Love it! Thanks for the appropriate reference to our Declaration of Independence. Very important to keep alive today.
It doesn't matter. If gov goes off this ridiculous fiscal cliff, then Dems will just blame the Republicans for it by saying the Republicans would not compromise by raising tax rates on the rich. Thus setting up the GOP to take the fall. I hope republicans in congress can see this coming.
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