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She has obviously never heard about humility from the Bible: "Let no one think more highly of himself than he ought to think." Romans 12:3 That verse could be applied to many more people in this country than Michelle O.
Even if resigning, he can still be held responsible, right? Right?
Style is not the essential when important info is being conveyed.
You are completely mistaken. Factual, historical information does not have to be entertainment to be understood. Except for those who can't separate serious matters from frivolous matters.
Please tell us that you are not serious. So the culture of ISIS is morally equivalent to Western Culture even though ISIS is slaughtering, beheading, raping, torturing anyone who is opposed to their religion. Including women and children? Your kind of thinking is so unbelievably unrealistic that it borders on insanity. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. All cultures are NOT equally good. All behavior is NOT just as good and correct as any other. Obama is nobody to follow. Get a grip.
Not everything is about money.
What does her husband do?
Take them to the nearest consulate of their country and drop them off. There are consulates in places such Phoenix, Dallas, etc. No need to spend the money to take them all the way to DC.
Are you an American? Did you go so school here?
The Congress cannot be dismissed by anyone. They are individually elected by the people, and they can be voted out - one by one. You really didn't take any courses in Civics or American History/Government, did you? In all seriousness, you ought to spend some time reading up on these things.
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