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Ryan wants to give you $8000 for HealthCare. When that's gone, so are you. My Son, 25yrs, healthy, pays $409/mo=$4908. How long Ins. for elderly? It's genocide. Don't believe me, look it up. Avram
No Tax hikes for 99%. This articcle is lying. Avram
You're either lying or incompetant. There are no tax hikes, or why have Bush Tax stay? .039% would be $9750 on $250K. (rich= 1.9-3.9%) Earned $exempt. For the 10,000X , RICH ARE NOT JOB CREATORS. NOT FOR 80yrs. Where r jobs? Tax also how you manage$.Medical Research, no tax in. IRA, you can still buy 1st home.. Don't invest in Capital Gains futures (DUH).Small business & hiring tax incentives. Look, just stop the stupidity. Tell Reps to pass Jobs,Transport,Dream Act bills. your friends afford $9750. Avram
C'mon, did you really build a bridge? Which one? Do you have a picture? I'll check back. Avram
I don't understand a word you wrote. Was English a second language? I THINK what you're saying is that only angry, hateful people are wel- come here. Sounds boring. And you have no idea how tolerant I am, or not. However, I will say that whatever it is you wrote, it is referred to in both English and Psychology as "Loose Associations". These are words that appear to have meaning, but upon exam are really meaningless. Rewrite please. Bring the dictionary. Avram
Well, what can I say? you're just too clever for me. However,I would work on that vocabulary thing. "get fuc"ked" can have many different meanings. Verb, adverb, declarative. I choose to take as an expression of good faith. I will try as soon as I am able. I've been ill. Thank You, Avram
Assumptions come from the bearer. Who lied to you? What makes you angry, and assumptive,about someone you don't know?Conservative isn't "evil". liberal isn't "holy". There are no conser,/liberals. No one is one thing.,stereotypes are foolish.However, that "evil" does feel so when it comes from generalized anger and hate. Its not me lying, you don't know me. Assumptions come from the bearer. The "evil" is your burden. I don't know you, it's not coming from me. Consider yourself Avram
I Am A Charity. I give musical instruments to children who can't afford them So much fo "never".Where did you get the info. that Reps. give more than Dems. I need an info source, not just a claim. Romney gave several million to Charity, its true. But he gave $23mil to the Mormon Church--which is his business .The Mormon Church has more money than the state of Utah. Do you have kids? Do they play music? All gifts are anonymous so, do yours need any? Avram
clever. think of that yourself? Or, was there help from another razor wit. Avram
Well done,. Avram
Doug: You're Ok, and refreshing here. Thank You. Avram
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