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Where does this website find so many idiots to write articles?
One learns when one reads and listens. The President never suggested making guns illegal. He wants to ban high powered military type weapons (assult, etc). There is no reason a private citizen should have a need to own weapoons that fire dozens of rounds in a matter of seconds. Insofar as deporting illegal immigrants, the President has deported thousands -- that is not the answer. Both parties strongly believe immigration laws should be developed and enforced. This is not a party issue. What ideas does the President present that he knows will not work? True, he has presented many excellent ideas that are defeated by a bunch of clueless Tea Party members.
Just how stupid can the writer be to brand all liberals because of the comments of one person? Let me see, I guess all Republicans think Libya is in Central Africa because one of their idols, Michele Bachmann thought so. I guess all Republicans think Africa is a country and not a continent because Sarah Palin thought so. I guess all Republicans think Syria is Iran's gateway to the seas because Romney thought so. Oh, and one of this website's reporters referred to Nethanyahu as Israel's Ambassador to the US. Need more be said?
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Tax Rich Liberals

avallas Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 3:35 PM
Typical lame brain thnking. How do very highly paid (millions per year) professional athletes, entertainers, top lawyers, top doctors, congressmen and congresswomen worth millions contribute to the job market? Maybe some do for household help and no doubt many of them are illegals. Ann, how do you contirbute to the job market?
Really funny post. First, McCain will never get over the fact that Obama defeated his quest for the Presidency. McCain displays all signs of the beginning of dementia. He loses his train of thought, laughs when the subject is not funny and sometimes rambles on without focus. His personal life has been anything but honorable -- so please don't judge others with respect to morals. The President was right to defend Rice. As far as the budget, get real!. The GOP endorsed Ryan's budget which is so loaded with discrepncies, wrongful assumptions, and lacks cause and effect analysis. It would actually increase the deficit.
How funny. Stick to values.. What values?. The GOP and it's super PACs lied beyond any point of decency. Romney lied so much he got lost in trying to remember what he last said. Ryan even lied about petty things like his marathon run and body weight. Get Real. The new GOP is made up of rednecks. The GOP used to be a really classy party. No more.
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Washington Is On The Path to Athens

avallas Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 7:34 AM
Delusional. Romney didn't even know Iran had access to waterways and thought it was through Syria (two countries away). A major goof. He lied profusely.....so much so he couldn't even remember where he last stood. He picked a total incompetent to be his VP running mate. He refused to condemn the outrageous comments by some of his GOP buds who made outrageous comments regarding women. He not only insulted the Palestinians, he insulted all countries that border a more educated or prosperous one. Does that mean the US is inferior to Canada which has more college graduates and is in better economic condition that us. You, like so many in the GOP are delusional. Pathetic. Students of Limbaugh, Coulter and other weirdos.
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Glass Jaw O-ba-ma

avallas Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 2:50 PM
How did Townhall find some many idiots to write for them?
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An Ambassador Died. Obama Lied.

avallas Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 8:31 AM
You are clueless. The Bush Administration knew damned well there were no WMD in Iraq. That was an excuse to attack. If you read some of former Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz comments -- often hazy, but with a clear message. We went to war with Iraq to "defuse" them before they could attack Israel once our troops were withdrawn from Saudi Arabia. The Sauds wanted us out of their country as it was the major gripe of al Qaeda - a group that did not want foreign military in the country that houses their holiest site of Mecca. The war, based on lies, has cost this country dearly in lives and wounded and close to $1 trillion.
This website is filled with lies and hatred. Pathetic.
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