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Not to mention the NBA & NFL...
"color of one’s skin" + "content of their character" There is usually a correlation. Not always, mind you, but much more often than not. Same goes for intelligence, creativity ,etc.. Remember, sub saharan Africa's greatest invention - the mud and dung hut. Europe/North America - Nuclear reactor, Space Shuttle, TV, cell phone, computer, etc..
"if, as appears likely, black students misbehave at higher rates than non-blacks. " If,as appears likely???? Has this guy ever walked around on the streets of any major city in America? Just be honest about it for G*d's sake. One should never be afraid to tell the truth.
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Is the Tea Party's Dream an Illusion?

Automatic2 Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 12:58 PM
I am less than 20 years away from SS and I would enthusiastically support cuts!. And medicare cuts too. How about this: 1) You only get out of SS what you paid in + 5% interest. The rest is YOUR OWN responsibility to save for your retirement. 2) Same with Medicare. What you paid in + 5% interest. Worried about being sick...Buy YOUR OWN insurance. 3) Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, public housing, head start, school lunch, midnight basketball, and any other ridiculous program from the Johnson era...END THEM ALL!!! Bring back work farms, orphanages and poor houses. And most important of all, STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the lazy and shiftless to not have children!
Yeah, the only problem is that His plan expected the persecutor to be impressed by the persecuted one's charity and forgiveness. "Turn the other cheek" does not work when dealing with savages.
I'm from NY. Dominicans are not so advanced...at least the ones we have here.Yes, I know the DR has a better economy than Haiti, maybe 4 times higher? But they sure aren't anywhere near a Western European country. And while some Eastern European countries are quite poor, I would chalk that up to still being in recovery from 50 years of communism.
Unfortunately, White Christians are the only group on earth who do not put themselves first. Even first world East Asians are reasonable when it comes to the prime instinct of self preservation. Just look at the immigration policies of Japan and South Korea. And I believe everyone would agree that the Chinese have places self preservation at the top of their "things to do" list. No, it is only White Christian Westerners that have the "death wish". And it is being fulfilled every day.
He defended his tribe the Franks, the Catholic Church, and the people of Western Europe from invading Mohammedan marauders who would have enslaved, raped and killed tens if not hundreds of thousands. Defending the innocent and righteous is an extremely Christian thing to do.
And that is why it worked out so well in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Races that evolved in the tropics are not the same. They do not have a the same work ethic. Never will. Laziness, to a certain extent, is in their DNA.
And what is a true Christian attitude? To allow oneself to be overtaken? Was Charlemagne a true Christian? I would say yes. Let's use him as the model.
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