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Bad Guys' Lawyers

Automatic2 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 5:22 AM
Disagree with you on your interpretation of the 14th amendment (meant for slaves), but even if you were right, if a law is being used for illicit purposes, should it not be changed? This insidious "anchor baby" loophole is being used by extremely low class/quality third worlders to infiltrate the US and turn a once great 90% White first world country into a broken third world cesspool. Please explain why you feel it is the obligation of the US to allow some pregnant female to waddle over the border, plop out a kid, and say "I now have ceetezeen bebe...geeve me welfare....geeve me food stamps.."? We are quickly turning into Venezuela because of this. Do you not see that this is am immense problem that must be stopped?

Lawyers representing three of the men charged in the New Delhi gang rape case said last week that they would enter pleas of not guilty on their clients' behalf. In most criminal prosecutions, that would be unremarkable. But the lawyers who stepped forward to represent the suspects in this case did so in the face of emotional protests by fellow attorneys, many of whom insisted that no one should defend those accused of such a terrible crime.

"There was a good response from the members, and they will not represent," the president of the local bar association had...